Sunday, March 15, 2015

Who They Gonna Blame Now That They Caught The Ferg Shooter?

The shooter is caught. 
The American junk food media is relishing on Ferguson situation. The suspect in Thursday's gunfire is caught and I can not help but wonder what the agitators plan on blaming for the shooting of two members of law enforcement.

Okay, 20 year old Jeffrey Williams is in St. Louis County lock up on $300K.

St. Louis County prosecutor Robert McCulloch announced that authorities had brought charges, including assault in the first degree, against 20-year-old Jeffrey Williams. Williams is from the St. Louis area and had been on probation for receiving stolen property.

Williams had been involved in protests on the evening that the shooting occurred and had "acknowledged" firing shots, according to McCulloch. McCulloch said that Williams, who is African-American, may have been firing at someone other than the police.

He's going to face the judge in the coming days.

Attorney General Eric Holder praises the St. Louis County police. He is proud they caught this dangerous criminal.

President Barack Obama also responded to the apprehension of this criminal.

They both urged the residents and law enforcement to respect one another. Harmless right?

Not to the racist right. Of course, two prominent Black men in government. One being the first Black president and the other being the first Black top cop.

The shooting grips the anti-cop rhetoric produced by the left and right. The left is calling for reform on how police deal with non-White suspects. While some of their grievances are real, there are some who are adamant about roasting a pig.

The right is strongly opposed the president's proposed executive order to ban armor piercing bullets. Those bullets will go through a bulletproof shield.

Who's going to point the finger?

Well here's a website that already got a conspiracy going around that the shooter is a "friend of a friend" who knows Michael Brown and Dorian Johnson. Johnson was one of the key witnesses in the shooting of unarmed Brown.

Johnson has been a victim of death threats. The racist right is smearing his name by bold caption

Cop shooting suspect Jeffrey Williams Was ‘Friend’ on Facebook of Mike Brown’s Fellow Robber Dorian Johnson

Dorian Johnson Facebook friends with Jeffrey Williams

Well the Craigslist of conservative agitation begins with a headliner LT GOVERNOR: HOLDER INCITED MOB MANY TIMES...  The Republican second banana Peter Kinder still talking shit.

  1. Ferguson arrest throws social media into an uproar ...

    8 hours ago - Jeffrey Williams: Ferguson Shooting Suspect ... RT "@RufusKings1776: Did Obama make a statement yet about his son Jeffrey Williams? .... Dashcam captures the moment a NJ house exploded into a million ...

Ferguson Police Shooter Turns Out To Be A Protester 

Will the trail from Democrat Jeffrey Williams lead back to Sharpton Holder Obama and the one who funded the Ferguson Riots, George Soros?

This is how the racist right views Black America. For one represents all. If they really hate when the lefties compare every White criminal who commits a mass murder to the insurgency. Matter of fact, they'll be running this narrative that the White criminal is a "Democrat" as explained above.

Matter of fact, they won't notice that the shooter expressed his "Second Amendment" right.

Only in the minds of the racist right, firearms belong to them. Not Blacks, Hispanics or Muslims.

Every gun crime is the Democrats fault. It's never a Republican lawmaker or governor's fault. They know how to use a gun, says the insurgency.

Every time a major event happens in America, the junk food media, the agitators, the irrational and sometimes the criminals exploit a tragedy.

See how the conservative agitators act. They prove the left's point of them being the condescending bigots they are pointed out to be,

The shooting came during protests after Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson was fired out the cannon earlier. One of the officers was shot in the face and the other was shot in the shoulder, but both survived the attack.

Attorney General Eric Holder said in a statement on Sunday that the arrest was a testament to good collaboration between federal and local authorities.
The fight isn't over. The protesters are demanding that the Ferguson mayor steps down.
“This arrest sends a clear message that acts of violence against our law enforcement personnel will never be tolerated. The swiftness of this action is a credit to the significant cooperation between federal authorities and the St. Louis County Police Department," Holder said. "The ATF’s ballistic imaging technology has played a critical role in the ongoing investigation. I commend both the ATF and St. Louis police for their tremendous work in identifying this suspect."

President Barack Obama condemned the shooting on Thursday, posting on Twitter that "violence against police is unacceptable." Holder also called the shooter a "damn punk" last week.

Williams is a criminal. It has nothing to do with his race, social status, political affiliation, or economic standings. It was a callous act by a man who didn't care about the protesters or the police officers who are doing their job to protect.

The Blame Game is getting old. The racist right is playing this card worse than the lefties playing the race card.

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