Sunday, December 07, 2014

Loserville Sundays Host Cozy Interview With Radio Turd Limbaugh!

Sometime ago the smirking chimp Chris Wallace throws softballs to that radio turd. It's another GOP Sunday and the radio turd runs laps around the camera.

That turd appears on GOP Sundays to make himself even more nuttier than he is on radio.

Every afternoon, this turd and the many other turds on the AM dial obsess over politics and President Barack Obama. The word salad of insults traded by this turd and those others is probably one of the reasons to why civility in America is never going to happen.

That turd speaks to Chris Wallace, the smirking chimp guy on Loserville Sunday.

That smirking chimp confronts the turd about his criticisms of the network. The network is pretty damn friendly with him.

I wonder if Newsbusters going to monitor the interview to count how many misleading and misinformed statements that turd said?


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