Monday, December 29, 2014

Ferg Cop: Michael Brown Memorial Is A Pile Of Trash!

Nothing could destroy the spirits.

Tensions are still simmering in St. Louis. The shooting of Antonio Martin by Berkeley, MO police sparked more tension between law enforcement and the residents of color.

While some are very sympathetic towards Michael Brown, others aren't and they're using their freedom of speech to say the most offensive things about him.

As Darren Wilson fades into the limelight, his name will forever be etched in stone as the guy who killed unarmed teen Michael Brown. A man who was too fucking pussy to get a taser or non-lethal restraints.

After it was destroyed by a bigoted driver, the protesters reset the memorial on Canfield Street.

But the Ferguson Police Department who is facing heavy criticism since the incident had to distance itself from one of their own. A spokesperson for the police department said some offensive themes about the memorial.

He went as far to call the memorial trash.

The Associated Press reports that the Ferguson Police Department has suspended a spokesman after he referred to the Michael Brown memorial as "a pile of trash."

A statement the city provided to The Associated Press on Sunday didn't identify the officer who made the remark to The Washington Post. The newspaper attributed the comment to Officer Tim Zoll.

The memorial at the site of Brown's death was damaged last week after a car apparently hit it.

Zoll doesn't have a listed number and couldn't be reached by the AP.

The city says the spokesman denied making the comment, but later admitted that he'd misled his bosses.

He has been placed on unpaid leave while "disciplinary proceedings" begin.

City officials said negative remarks about the memorial "do not reflect the feelings of the Ferguson Police Department."


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