Monday, December 01, 2014

Black Republican Will Hurd Joins The Washington, DC Circus!

Represntative-elect Will Hurd (R-TX) will join two other Black Republicans in the 114th Congress. This is a huge movement for the Republicans. They finally have at least three members. Representative-elect Mia Love (R-UT) won her bid. U.S. Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) won reelection to fulfill a term.

Looks like I was wrong. Another black Republican will join Mia love and Tim Scott in the 114th session of Congress. Texas just elected Will Hurd, a Black Republican to Congress.

Hurd won after beating a freshman Democrat in the 23rd congressional district in last month slaughter.

This was the biggest victory for Republicans. They have a majority almost similar to the 80th Congress. That was the congress that was fully controlled by Republicans during Harry Truman's administration.

This may be a first for the Republican Party.

The Republicans elected two black members to the House of Representatives and one black member to the United States Senate.

This may give the Republicans some bragging rights, however by the end of the day, they still have a long way to go before they can obtain a healthy black turnout.

The Black community looks at Republicans, the insurgency and conservatives are racist, fear driven, bigots!

One new shiny toy doesn't change the fact Republicans still resent the Black community. They can't figure out where they'll go now that they have control of Congress. They won by bitching about the president. Now they have to actually find ways to keep their majority when the president now has the talking points.

There's four Black Democrats from Texas.

Representatives Al Green (D-TX), Marc Veasey (D-TX), Shelia Jackson Lee (D-TX) and Eddie Bernice Johnson (D-TX) are the only Black congressional members from Texas.

And if they're lucky, they may wrangle more than 20% votes.

In a party of 80% WHITE, three Black insurgents join the party of rigid, old, too extreme, backwards thinking, ignorant, and just plain stupid.

A little about Will Hurd. He is a graduate of John Marshall High School in the San Antonio suburb of Leon Valley, Texas.

After high school Hurd attended Texas A&M and served as the Student Body President in 1999 at the time of Aggie Bonfire collapse.

He graduated from A&M in 2000 with a degree in computer science, a minor in international relations.

Hurd worked for the Central Intelligence Agency for nine years, stationed in Washington, D.C., including a tour of duty as an operations officer in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India.

He returned to Texas after his CIA service and worked for Crumpton Group, strategic advisory firm, as a partner and a senior adviser with the cybersecurity firm FusionX.

But I guess this is the price to get things done. Elect a bunch of radicals to Congress. Hopefully, they will work with the president to get things done.

The Democratic Party has nominated and elected twice Barack Obama as their leader. He is the current President of the United States. He is the first black president. The Democrats while licking their wounds from the slaughter can rest easy. They still have a strong (but yet skeptical) support of Black and Hispanic voters. They'll support cautiously Democrats now.

The Democrats have the honor of being the first political party to elect a Black person to the White House. That pretty much trumps everything a Republican tells you about the party supporting Blacks.

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