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You Still Can't Fix Stupid [NSFW]!

Did the worker realize that a blunt in the burger would become a viral hit on the social networks? 

The service industry is a beast. You got people who believe they're entitled to have the best service no matter what! I agree. It's a part of the economic food chain. Let's say if I had horrible service from a worker at a business. I would post my concerns on the internet or share it on the micro blog Redit. Once it goes viral, it makes it into the junk food media. And believe me, the company that I've scorned online doesn't want bad publicity. So they'll do anything if not everything to remedy the problem.

I understand that for I work at two jobs in the service industry. It's rough.

You're overworked and underpaid. You make less than $30,000 a year working in the service industry.

Wendy's International is one of the country's most popular fast food joints. It's known for the square hamburger patty and Frosty chocolate shakes. It was founded by Dave Thomas, an American businessman and philanthropist.

The company based out of the Columbus, Ohio suburb of Dublin. There are 6,000 restaurants worldwide.

Also the restaurant company has stakes in its namesake Wendy's Old Fashion Hamburgers, Cafe Express, coffee giant Tim Hortons and Baja Fresh.

Nearly ten years ago, this dumb broad from California almost destroyed the company. She would create this stupid story about the fast food giant's homestyle chili having a finger in it.

The woman Anna Ayala claimed she found that missing digit in a San Jose area Wendy's.

That controversy really put a major dent in Wendy's bottom line. In fact, it cost them over $4 million in loss revenue.

When the story didn't match up to the accusations, the woman confessed and later would blame her husband for the story. The woman and her husband got some time in the iron college. They would also have a worldwide ban from all Wendy's Restaurants.
Quality is our recipe.
Now Wendy's has cleaned up its image and now go by the new slogan "Now, That's Better!" with actress Morgan Smith Goodwin (aka the Wendy's girl). They want no negative publicity when it comes to its workers or its products.

Wendy's isn't taking kind to an Atlanta woman leaving her buds in the buns.

Maybe she should have taken the day off like the thousands of low wage workers who went on "strike" at this and many other national restaurants yesterday.

The Wendy's employee who dropped a partially smoked blunt in a customer's cheeseburger has been fired and charged with marijuana possession.

The Associated Press reports that the woman's reckless decision may end up putting her in the county lockup for a few months.

Police in the city of Lovejoy, Ga., about 25 miles south of downtown Atlanta, said a customer drove home with her food on Nov. 1, took a bite out of the burger and noticed a strange smell wafting from it.

The woman pulled the bun off and saw a partially smoked blunt inside, police said. A blunt is marijuana rolled into a hollowed-out cigar.

The woman called the restaurant's manager and met there with police soon afterward.

In an incident report released Thursday, authorities said 32-year-old Amy Elizabeth Seiber admitted that the marijuana belonged to her as soon as she saw police standing in the restaurant with her manager.
Where's the bud? - Amy Seiber. 
Seiber told Officer Randall Rowland that it wouldn't make any sense to lie about the marijuana, since she and the restaurant's manager were the only ones working when the customer placed her drive-thru order, Rowland wrote in the report.

Seiber apologized, saying she had misplaced the marijuana, Rowland wrote.

Wendy's officials said they're deeply sorry for what happened.

"Obviously the employee broke the rules and did not follow proper food handling steps," said Wendy's spokesman Denny Lynch. He added that the corporation contacted the restaurant's owner and officials were told that she had been fired.

"They have apologized to the customer and have offered to pay the medical bills," Lynch said. "Furthermore, the franchisee is working on a satisfactory resolution with the customer."

Clayton County court officials were unsure if Seiber had an attorney. A telephone number listed for her was out of service.

A call to the customer who found the drug in her sandwich was not immediately returned.

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