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Rich Kid Got Off A Vehicular Homicide Charge!

Ethan Couch got probation. He was under the influence when he killed four people. He came from a privileged family and the family is pissed that he may have gotten off because of that.

The nation is talking about Ethan Couch avoiding time in the iron college because he was not a "bad kid".

The teen was drunk when he was on a Texas road and he involuntarily killed four people after causing a wreck. His reckless actions were passed off because he's suffering from "'affluenza".

He also injured some of his best friends. One being paralyzed in a vegetative state. I guess he was "joy riding" with is six friends after they stole beer from Walmart. They were traveling in the rural Tarrant County when the crash happened. This incident injured over 12 people.

So I guess the nation is pissed about how the elite can buy their way out of the iron college.
The truck that Couch drove plowed over four people and injured his friends who rode the back.

It worked for so many people. Check out George Zimmerman for example. He beaten three chances at being in the iron college this year and he's working on his fourth. This young man is probably looking forward to a decade of watchful eyes as he's getting pampered with riches.

Ethan Couch is from Fort Worth and his parents are pretty well off. They managed to hire a great legal team.

That legal team managed to say that if this kid wasn't so rich, he would be that reckless in his decision. So they said that it's the parents' fault. The parent didn't teach the boy how to respect the road.
Soliman Mohmand injured badly.

CNN reports that the judge assigned to the case sentenced Couch to 10 years probation but no jail time, he's a defendant in need of treatment.

The decision disappointed prosecutors and stunned victims' family members, who say they feel that Couch got off too easy. Prosecutors had asked for the maximum of 20 years behind bars.

"Let's face it. ... There needs to be some justice here," Eric Boyles, who lost his wife and daughter, told CNN's "Anderson Cooper 360" on Wednesday night.

"For 25 weeks, I've been going through a healing process. And so when the verdict came out, I mean, my immediate reaction is -- I'm back to week 1. We have accomplished nothing here. My healing process is out the window," he said.

Injured: Two young men who were sitting in Jennings' truck were injured
Sergio Molina paralyzed from accident.
He reportedly testified that the teen's family felt wealth bought privilege, and that Couch's life could be turned around with one to two years of treatment and no contact with his parents.

Couch was sentenced by a juvenile court judge Tuesday. If he violates the terms of his probation, he could face up to 10 years of incarceration, according to a statement from the Tarrant County Criminal District Attorney's Office.

Judge Jean Boyd told the court she would not release Couch to his parents, but would work to find the teen a long-term treatment facility.

"There are absolutely no consequences for what occurred that day," said Boyles. "The primary message has to absolutely be that money and privilege can't buy justice in this country."

His wife, Hollie Boyles, and daughter, Shelby, left their home to help Breanna Mitchell, whose SUV had broken down. Brian Jennings, a youth pastor, was driving past and also stopped to help.

All four were killed when the teen's pickup plowed into the pedestrians on a road in Burleson, south of Fort Worth. Couch's vehicle also struck a parked car, which then slid into another vehicle headed in the opposite direction.
The teen's victims. The families are not thrilled that the kid walked. 
Two people riding in the bed of the teen's pickup were tossed in the crash and severely injured.

One is no longer able to move or talk because of a brain injury, while the other suffered internal injuries and broken bones.

"There is nothing the judge could have done to lessen the suffering for any of those families," said defense attorney Scott Brown, CNN affiliate KTVT reported.

"(The judge) fashioned a sentence that is going to keep Ethan under the thumb of the justice system for the next 10 years," he said. "And if Ethan doesn't do what he's supposed to do, if he has one misstep at all, then this judge, or an adult judge when he's transferred, can then incarcerate him."

Earlier on the night of the accident, June 15, Couch and some friends had stolen beer from a local Walmart.

Three hours after the crash, tests showed he had a blood alcohol content of 0.24, three times the legal limit, according to the district attorney's office.

"We are disappointed by the punishment assessed but have no power under the law to change or overturn it," said Assistant District Attorney Richard Alpert. "Our thoughts and prayers are with the families and we regret that this outcome has added to the pain and suffering they have endured."

It is very rare, but not impossible, for prosecutors to challenge the sentence on the ground that it was too lenient, CNN legal analyst Sunny Hostin said.
Jean Boyd is a Texas judge got death threats after imposing a light sentence against a teen who killed four people in a drunk driving incident. The teen comes from a rich family and many felt that the privilege can buy their freedom.
"To give him a pass this time given the egregious nature of his conduct -- four deaths -- is just incomprehensible," she said.

It is unfair that other young defendants without the same wealth could end up in jail for a lot less, said Hostin, of CNN's "New Day" morning show.

"I think in terms of policy, this really flies in the face of our criminal justice system," she said. "There have to be consequences to actions, and that is what our system is about, even for juveniles."

Hey just think if his name was Jamarcus Couch and he came from a Black middle class family. He would drive his mom's car and end up killing a person. I bet That Guy Who Helped Obama Win would make a huge deal out of this. He would blame President Barack Obama for the actions of the teen.

Hey why don't we make it a Hispanic young man named Raul Couch, and he was coming from a home where his parents were drug addicts and he would be a career criminal under 18. He would steal a car and take a few beers from his parent's home. He kills someone and the racist right would be hoping he'll get the gas chamber.

We here at Journal de la Reyna send our condolences to the families of Breanna Mitchell, Brian Jennings Hollie and Shelby Boyles.

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