Thursday, December 19, 2013

Don Lemon Boots Off White Extremist!

Larry Klayman (left) is a White extremist who insults Don Lemon on CNN yesterday.

The guy who was at the Million White Bigots March in October returns back to file a lawsuit against President Barack Obama and the National Security Administration.

Larry Klayman the former leader of Judicial Watch is back in the spotlight suing the government over the NSA scandal. He gets into a heated debate with CNN's Don Lemon. Lemon was so pissed with this jackass, he cut his mic off.

Earlier this year, American contractor Edward Snowden handed the United States an embarrassment when he leaked out information about its spy programs. They wiretapped foreign leaders and done collections of American cell phone users.

That caused a major controversy. President Barack Obama and the spy agencies are pissed at Snowden.

They want his head on a platter. The president has an icy relationship with the Russian Federation.

President Vladimir Putin isn't too happy over the US spying on him and foreign leaders. So in order to poke a finger at Obama, he offered Snowden, one year of asylum. The government is hoping to extract more from him in the coming years. But as Snowden's year rounds up, he has to find a home.

He wants Brazil to offer asylum. He'll take the offer if they accept the information he'll tell about the US spying on the country.

Larry Klayman is the guy who wants to soak in the controversy. He was at the government shutdown rally with Stallmigo Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Palin Da Ass telling the people that the president needs to stop reading the Q'uran and come out with his hands up.

Many conservatives dismiss this guy as a tort litigant and nuisance. He's known in the White extremists circles for his ongoing lawsuits over Obama's citizenship.

Klayman was on CNN to discuss the NSA ruling by a federal judge and the criticism of him. Klayman goes right after Lemon for being a "leftist" Obama supporter and embarrassment to journalism.

Lemon didn't want none of that. He warned Klayman that if he can't respond to the criticism and the NSA ruling and the criticism, he was done.

You got to see the video for yourself.

Do you believe that it was appropriate to have Klayman on?

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