Monday, September 30, 2013

Drinking Towards Destruction!

Reporters claim that House Republicans were drinking before voting.


Say if the Democrats threaten to shut down government because they can't get gun control, immigration reform, tax increases on high earners, would you see all theatrics?

Well the Republicans believe in this one sided view of it being the Democrats fault for a government shutdown because the Democrats don't want to repeal the president's healthcare law.

The liberal agitators are flocking to the Huffington Post about a controversial story about House Republicans and their last ditch effort to get Affordable Healthcare Act (OBAMACARE) repealed.

House Democrats warn Republicans that they'll suffer if the government shuts down. Regardless of impact whether small or big, the government shutdown will affect people. National Parks are closed. Immigration and passport documentation are delayed. The federal agencies will cut the hours or suspend workers.

And of course, your lawmakers will still get a paycheck and the perks of being an elected leader.

House Republicans defied warnings from the president. They managed to pass two budget proposals. The first one would advocate spending cuts to SNAP, an extension of the Keystone XL pipeline. healthcare reform, and rollbacks to the EPA.

They pass the second budget that require military workers to get their paychecks, the federal food inspectors who check imports and exports, federal law enforcement,  and other federal agencies that Republicans deem important.

The Democrats want a clean budget bill. They blast the House for passing a sweeten bill with goodies that the Tea Party supports. The bill will be stripped of these goodies once it goes through the U.S. Senate.

The Senate is controlled by Democrats.

The House is controlled by Republicans.

Some Washington insiders say that the long night before passing a budget bill was a drinking game. The reporters say that some members of the Republican House were drinking through the night.

If I was to be a kookspiracy wonk, I would believe that lawmakers were using our taxpayer dollars to have the booze and chicken wings. Yeah, I know we're human. But to hear that House members were drinking alcoholic beverages and luxuries, is pretty disheartening.

When Republicans took over the House of Representatives, they promised that they would focus on jobs.
The Three Stallmigos: Rand Paul, Mike Lee and Ted Cruz with insane in the membrane Michele Bachmann won't cave to Republican leadership.
They threw that pledge out the window. They've repealed or tried to cut funding to the healthcare law over 40 times. They haven't passed a reasonable jobs bill.

They believe that in their minds cutting government brings jobs. The cuts in food stamps, cutting aid to Egypt or Syria (because we don't like the leader), abortions, Islamic extremism, delaying the healthcare law, avoiding gun control laws, and the very thought of impeachment of the president are not job creators.

They are distractions.

This comes as no surprise, back in 2010 when the Democrats were in rut over passing the healthcare law were boozing also.

They ended up losing the majority in the House.

In 2012, the Democrats won the popular vote in the congressional races, but however, the Republicans retained the majority. Remember the Republicans won back the House of Representatives after the U.S. Census. The Republicans won the governorships after the Census.

So it wouldn't matter how many votes they get, if the district is in Republican district, it's harder for the Democrat to win.

Yeah, people will blame the GOP.

House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) may lose his top spot after this, but it will not affect the House races. It will have to take a huge moment (i.e. a Mark Foley-type) of situation to help Democrats regain the House.

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