Thursday, March 28, 2013

White Extremist Wants To Round Up Some N****rs!

The professional bigot Matt Heimbach.
Drudge is promoting White nationalist on his news agitating blog. The White Student Union at Towson University is causing uproar and the students are totally divided on the approach by the organization's leader Matthew Heimbach.

Heimbach is a controversial figure. He is a White supremacist.

He is the professional bigot. The bigot who engages in the charm offense while dismissing his obsessive hatred of the African American community. He is actively recruiting many more extremists like him to join in his organization.

Heimbach was last seen at the Conservative Political Action Conference. He along with Scott Terry were at a "race-relations" seminar that featured a Black Republican explain how to "Trump The Race Card".

Heimbach coached Terry into interrupting the speaker saying that his rights as a "Southern White Conservative" were under attack and the Blacks were better off enslaved.

Now Heimbach is trying to start a posse. A posse devoted to stopping the scourge of Black on White crime on the campus of Towson University.

Heimbach has written on his blog that Towson is experiencing a “black crime wave” with “black predators” preying on the “white majority student body.”

Heimbach's group is not university-sanctioned, but it has attracted the attention of the Southern Poverty Law Center, which lists the White Student Union on a so-called "hate map" of white supremacist groups.

Towson University officials release a statement saying that its increased evening patrols on campus but not as a result of increased crime. The school does not encourage students to take the law in their own hands, and while it does not recognize the White Student Union, there is little the university can do to stop it.

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