Thursday, March 28, 2013

Piers Morgan Confronts George Zimmerman's A**hole Brother!

George Zimmerman's jackass brother recants his controversial tweets. 

The week began with the capture of the two teens responsible for a shooting in Brunswick, Georgia. The two individuals murdered a little baby and the nation was gripped to a horrible tragedy.

Somehow, the news made it to Sanford, Florida. The Trayvon Martin shooting tragedy surpassed a year and the nation is still uneased by the antics of George Zimmerman and his family. A series of controversial tweets from Robert Zimmerman, Jr. off the social networking website Twitter described the shooter De’Marquise Kareem Elkins to be just like unarmed victim Trayvon Martin.

That managed to reach the social networking blogs. Of course, the conservative/white supremacist bubble agree with Zimmerman on his comparison. Extremist concluded that if the two young Black teens were giving the middle finger while posing on camera, they're automatically criminals.

Piers Morgan wasn't going to let that slide on his program. On CNN, Morgan interviews Robert Zimmerman, Jr. about his controversial tweets.

The confrontation was heated and this controversy added a potential blow to the defense of George Zimmerman.

Everything done wrong comes straight out of George Zimmerman's camp. For one thing, this is Steubenville all over again. The defenders of the accused are "BLAMING THE VICTIM" for his untimely demise.

What makes it so bad is that George Zimmerman and his wife committed perjury. Zimmerman's friends say that he shown resentment towards Blacks. Zimmerman goes to Sean Hannity for legal advice. Now this brother takes to the social networks to attack the victim.

This example of callous behavior ensures that George Zimmerman was reckless in his decision to kill Trayvon Martin.

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