Sunday, October 21, 2012

Tragedy In Wisconsin!

Radcliffe Franklin Houghton shot and killed numerous individuals before turning the gun on himself. The shooting in Brookfield, Wisconsin continues a trend of dangerous mass shootings. This is approximately three months since the Aurora, Colorado shooting in which James Holmes killed twelve and injured nearly 70 people.
There's late word that a mass shooter in Wisconsin is reported dead. The name is Radcliffe Franklin Houghton, a 45 year old man who was apparently shooting at employees at a local mall spa. One of the employees was the shooter's wife. The suspect killed himself at the scene.

The gentleman is an African American man.

In Brookfield, Wisconsin, about ten miles from Milwaukee, a mass shooting occurred near the Brookfield Mall. The shooting has causalities. According to the Associated Press, about three people are dead so far.

There's numerous individuals who were shot and injured.
The shooting was at a spa near the Brookfield Mall in Wisconsin.
The Azana Spa shooting was on Sunday. The motive of the shooting was an apparent domestic violence issue in which the shooter, probably his wife and another individual died in the shooting.

Soon we'll hear from condolences and sympathy from President Barack Obama, Wisconsin governor Scott Walker and Republican nominee Mitt Romney.

Of course since this is Black person involved, you'll eventually get the conservative media (or White supremacists, in general) agitated about the person's political affiliation, the epidemic of Black on White crime, conspiracies about the president coming for their guns (or in some case Mitt Romney coming for the guns)! 

You'll hear conservatives blame liberalism and Black leaders for this.

Of course, they'll ignore the fact this individual fits the notion of disturbed or the mentally challenged operating firearms.
Visual design of the Brookfield Mall in Wisconsin.
The NRA will denounce the shooting and say that it's not the firearm, it's the owner.

This is an ongoing story and we here at Journal de la Reyna will keep you posted on the latest developments.

We also send our condolences to those who were lost in this senseless tragedy.

Also sending our condolences to actor Alex Karras, famed football star who became the TV dad on 80s sitcom Webster, former presidential candidate George McGovern and former senator Arlen Specter.

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