Monday, October 22, 2012

Blame Game: Wisconsin Spa Shooting!

Radcliffe Houghton standing in pose with firearm. He is responsible for a mass shooting at suburban spa and salon in Brookfield, Wisconsin. He committed suicide after he killed his wife and injured others.
The media reported that a man went into a suburban spa on the premises of a Wisconsin mall. This person shot and killed three before he turned the gun on himself. President Barack Obama, Wisconsin governor Scott Walker and Republican nominee Mitt Romney sent their condolences to the families of the victims.

The media is trying to figure out how this tragedy happened. They think that Radcliffe F. Houghton was distraught over a pending divorce. The man opened fire injuring numerous others.

But the question that most should wonder, how come this person had a firearm when he held a restraining order?

How come this individual wasn't looked at as mentally disturbed or likely to cause/inflict harm upon someone after his estranged wife reported he slashed the tires of her vehicle?

And why isn't this a flag of the growing issue with firearms and the mentally disturbed?

What you're expected from the conservative media is basically the blame game!
Picture of shooting victim, Zina Houghton. This is the wife of shooter Radcliffe Franklin Houghton.
Obviously I'm expected that Breitbart will report that the shooter is a registered Democrat!

The Drudge Report will lay out the "Scary Black Man With A Gun!" Of course, you see the picture above, it's the shooter. And of course in Romneyland and the conservative/white supremacist bubble, this is one of "OBAMA'S SONS!"

The White supremacists websites will harp about the epidemic of Black on White crime! Reason why, the wife is a White woman and the shooter is a Black man.

Conservatives will eventually attack the president for politicizing a tragedy! And they're still harping on the Libyan attack also!

The National Rifle Association will rally their fundraising efforts by saying that this is a gateway for President Barack Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder to take away firearms. There's no legislation proposed or even thought of during this lame duck session of the U.S. Congress. Although the president supports the ban on dangerous assault weapons in the city, Republicans would gladly try to say "Obama's coming for the guns" regardless of what he says. They're sketchy on former governor and perennial candidate Mitt Romney, the Republican nominee. He once supported the assault weapons ban and doesn't own firearms.

But the point of this is simple. If you look at the situation, our country is on the path to slow recovery. The Republicans have delayed progress for their lame attempts to stop the president.
Distraught and shock at such an event by a dangerous individual.
And it's going to get worse before it gets better.

Zina Houghton was killed when he approached the Azana Spa and Salon in Brookfield, Wisconsin.
He also taken the lives of two other women. One being a single mother of a teenager. Another one isn't confirmed but it's still pending.

The Brookfield Police and FBI are investigating the history of this man.

Houghton's father Radcliffe, Sr. express remorse and sorrow about this tragedy. His father released a statement expressing sorrow for all the victims lost or injured during this weekend tragedy.

As I went through the web, I've seen a website that is considered conservative. It's already going around.

So of course, the blame game is what conservatives play. They know that an unemployed firearm owner is likely going to commit an act of terror upon anyone when they're distressed. Houghton was unemployed, depressed and feuding with his wife. He had envisioned her probably cheating on him and among other things.

But since this is a Black person, it's another attempt of NIGGERIZATION of President Barack Obama.

The individual alone is the monster.

We here at Journal de la Reyna send our condolences to those who were lost in this senseless tragedy.

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