Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Jon Stewart: Fox News Cried "Wolf" One Too Many Times! It's Getting Old!

The Operation Fast & Furious distraction scandal has the political parties at odds with one another.

Republicans are looking forward to hold Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt of Congress over this. Some conservative Democrats will break with the party in order to push forth this witch hunt vote!

I think that the Republican Party and its conservative allies are screwing the country in order to hurt the president. They don't care about progress. They cheer for failure! They scream at success. These are the people who cheered for the United States losing out a bid for the Olympics. These people are upset that gas prices reached its peak at $4.139 a gallon! When it decreased to an average low of $3.439, they scream that it's a conspiracy to help the president. The president gave Americans tax cuts but in the conservative media led by this network, the president is coming for your guns, taxing your families and giving his "homies" a pass on issues while the "White man" suffers!

The conservative Fox News Channel has been the Republican Party's press secretary. From the lunatic rantings of Bill O'Reilly, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Greta Van Susteren and even Karl Rove, the network has been a major thorn to the president and his progressive allies.

Jon Stewart of The Daily Show talks about this latest scandal by piecing together the blatant hypocrisy of the network's flip-flops and unjustified outrage over things they've supported in the past.

It's almost a shame that a comedian can expose the extremist agenda of America's Most Watched Network.

The network that advocates dog whistle propaganda to rile up the White working class, Rust Belt, Bible Belt voters into opposing President Barack Obama.

Courtesy of Comedy Central

Part II

Let's break it down once again about the White voter and President Barack Obama.

White people are the most pessimistic of the president and are the likely ones to complain about his policies and his race. 

I for one am the angry Black male! I am tired of defending the indefensible. For way too long, I just toyed the notion that the Republican Party isn't a bunch of old white racists. Alas, I was wrong!

You can't defend a political party that wants nothing to do with you or the president. I can't support a party that wants to harm others under the guise of the radical Christian agenda. I don't want to support a party that wants to be intrusive of a woman's right to have children or an abortion. I don't want to be a part of a political party that denies rights to people who love the same sex and feel the need to marry just like a straight couple. I don't want to be a part of a party that concludes that "Black folk just outta be off welfare and food stamps" even though a vast majority of the recipients are White. I have gave myself the benefit of the doubt that most conservatives are smart people, just a little misinformed. No. They're not smart, nor informed. They're the reactionary bigots that created the political environment and its led by Fox News and the Republican Party. In these warped minds, anyone who supports President Barack Obama and the Democratic Party is a bunch of anti-American communists who want to take from those hard working folk!

These stupid bumper stickers tell ya to honk to annoy a liberal! How about a finger to rile up a conservative?

Senator Claire McCaskill (D-Missouri) is facing a tough reelection this time.
The Democratic Party is a bunch of spineless wusses. They have all the ammunition to go after these lunatics, but they hold their hands back because they don't want to lose what little White votes they got! They're so scared of the angry White conservative male threatening to dismantle their political futures, some of these lily livered Democrats distance themselves from the president. The Hispanic vote is nearly yours and the Black vote is locked. 

All you need now is to tell the independents and women to fall in line! You keep it focus on issues like the economy and the possibility of economic chaos if the Republicans return back to power. I mean I don't predict the future! Republicans and its conservative allies are so fearful of the future! I almost wished they could predict a person's untimely death!

Who's to say if things may get better if Republicans take control?

Who's to say if things get better if President Barack Obama is reelected?

Yeah, I am talking to you skinny mini Senator Claire McCaskill (D-Missouri).

Seriously, we need leadership from the president. He has to get his groove back and hammer these worthless ass politicians and that stupid network. That stupid network has no credibility whatsoever!

Why are the Democrats afraid of it?

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