Thursday, March 01, 2018

It's A Dud!

Ben Carson spends like he's got "gifted hands."
Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson is under fire for using the government credit card to buy some luxury goods for the Washington, DC office.

Carson, Tresuary Secretary Steven Mnuchin, Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke and EPA chief Scott Pruitt are maxing out their credit cards. Our taxpayer money is the sugar that helps the medicine go down.

Carson used his HUD connections yo buy a hefty priced dining room set.

The White House isn't amused about this controversy.

Carson was talking smack about how the poor shouldn't get used to it is spending lavishly on his own personal expenses.

A whistle blower who got demoted tipped the junk food media. She claimed that Carson was angry she refused to participate in the lavish spending.

Carson only had a budget of $5,000.

The New York Times said Carson spent $31,000 on a dining room set while he and HUD was set to cut programs for the homeless, the elderly, the poor and needy.

The Guardian reported that lounge furniture costs totalled $164,000.

Trevor Noah of The Daily Show took Carson to Bullshit Mountain.

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