Monday, February 05, 2018

These 👉__________ Continue To Embarrass The City Of Philadelphia!

Stay ignorant Philly.
Tariq Nasheed, thank you brother for seeing the obvious. I did not see our mainstream Black activists call it out. Even I knew that after the victory, theses assholes would act out.

The unfortunate results of victory.

The city and county of Philadelphia celebrates the victory of Superbowl LII.

The Philadelphia Eagles beaten the New England Patriots 41 - 33.
Nick Foles help the Eagles win the Superbowl championship.
After the win, thousands of fans decided to burn the city down. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security, the Philadelphia Division of Police, Penn commonwealth troopers and county boys from three regions had to maintain order.

No they didn't maintain order.

Stories of looting, an ostrich being stolen out of the zoo, fans eating horse shit, drunk fans diving off hotel awnings, vehicles being tossed over and destruction of traffic poles are being shared through social media.
White fan eats horse poo.
And yet, the junk food media refuse to call it a riot. They call it partying out of hand. That's the bias, people of color often observe.

The very same people who complained about rioting in Ferguson, St. Louis, Baltimore and Charlotte are trashing Philadelphia because a sports team won a championship.

This is examples of white media trying justify animalistic behavior.

If Black people were looting for food to survive a hurricane, conservatives and some progressives would say that our kind are natural born criminals.
Fan dives to the street after drunk climbing on an awning.
If Black people block freeways, major roads and kneel to the national anthem, conservatives and some progressives would call us a bunch of son of a bitches.

If Black people riot after a cop walks, a vigilante walks, a justice system that convicts a Black person unfairly and the raping of our children, we see conservatives and some progressives target us with vehicles. White extremists use our images to radicalized their supporters. Police use tear gas and batons.

And yes, the Republicans pass laws to keep us shackled to chains.

People are noticing and it ain't just me. And yes, these clueless white conservatives and progressives won't condemn this.

Congratulations to the Philadelphia Eagles winning Superbowl LII.

I condemn the actions of the fans destroying the city of Philadelphia. White people are violent and yesterday's actions are an example of it.

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