Tuesday, February 13, 2018

The GOP Wants A Blue Apron Tax Cut!


An American Budget is the proposal our dear incompetent leader wants Congress to pass in their next budget fight. It has the usual bullshit about funding the military, cutting aid to domestic programs (aka the safety net) and rollbacks of regulations despite the possible dangers in doing so.

He also wants the taxpayers not Mexico to pay for his border wall.

The so called folks who want government out of the way are demanding changes to the safety net. These changes include major cuts to Medicare, Medicaid, the SNAP program and the student debt program.

Mind you that community block grants, child care credits, Energy Star, public housing, public broadcasting and disaster relief are also on the chopping block as well.

Donald J. Trump, a billionaire himself wants to change the safety net. He wants to force the working poor, the elderly and disabled to get to work.

Mick Mulvany said it best, instead of giving them cash, we'll give them a box.

It seems like Sean "Softball/Sperm Sipping" Hannity is all in his ear. As you know, Fox News has paraded the stories about some Americans using a food stamp card to buy lobster and weed. I will tell you straight up, it's all a lie.

This is a diversion tactic that is generated to make ignorant Americans turn on the poor. The poor often become scapegoats to Republicans and the 1%.

That fool is a prime suspect in pushing false narratives about the American people.

Cause if you listen to that annoying conservative agitator go on and on about "millions of Americans out of work and on food stamps," I swear that fool had a plug.

The junk food media reports that Trump regularly seeks advice from a millionaire who is the most condescending cocksucker to ever have a television and radio show.

Folks it's time to hold Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh and the like accountable. IHeartRadio and his advertisers are on the ropes. We can eventually knock him out by continuing to ask his sponsors to consider what they are placing their money into.

It seems like meddling in your personal business or your refrigerator is Republican business. They want smaller government when it comes to polluting the water and air. Now they want to keep the poor and needy hungry by passing laws or modifying legislation to require the unable to work so they can earn food stamps.

Blame the poor and needy for the economy. See the Republicans have love for the wealthy. They refuse to raise taxes on the rich. They refuse to increase Supplemental Nutrient Assistance Program to those who have no options

Hell I just had my rent go up in my crappy one bedroom apartment. I can't obtain food stamps because I make $1,340 a month in earnings at my job.

At best I make $25,000 a year working at my jobs. That's just slightly under middle class.

I can't even obtain food stamps because of that. I am single with a child that lives in another city. I am able bodied and I still don't make enough.

The middle and lower class needs the safety net. It prevents them from robbing and looting stores.

Cause if you have to steal to keep food on the table, you probably would. Trust me, if the opportunities were given, the poor would steal from a grocery store if they couldn't have access to the safety nets. Believe me, you never know what happens until you become one of them!

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