Friday, February 02, 2018

Ramalama Ding-Dong!

Memo release sparks controversy. The White House spurned the federal and clandestine law agencies.

Read it for yourself.

The White House okayed the release of the Republican led memo in their latest attempt to discredit the Robert Mueller investigation into Donald J. Trump's collusion with Russian operatives.

The House Committee greenlights the release of this classified memo against the wishes of the FBI and Department of Justice. It's riled up the Democrats. The Democrats call the release of the memo a load of bullshit.

The left and the right are picking apart this memo and are picking and choosing which talking points they'll invent to win the narrative.

The pushing of the memo's release may of been sparked by a distraction.
House Democrats want Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) out as intelligence chairman.
A condescending, annoying, repetitive, egomaniacal, ridiculous stupid cocksucker of a conservative television and radio host.

Why it's our old friend, Sean "Softball" Hannity.

On the eve of the men's release, Trump got in touch with the softball and got advice on how to handle the memo. Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) and his staffers drafted this four page memo as an attempt to discredit former MI6 spy Christopher Steele.
Sean "Softball" Hannity pushed for Trump to release the memo.
Fox News and Russian bots have pushed he #releasethememo hashtag for weeks now.

Now that it's out, I wonder if the news will sit well with federal investigators.

Steele stands by his work. He has worked in intelligence gathering for years.

Steele detailed in the infamous dossier that Trump was in Russia in 2013 hosting the Miss Universe pageant. He was aware that Barack Obama was going to stay at the Ritz Carlton in Moscow on a presidential visit. He allegedly hired two Russian prostitutes to have sex with and then asked them to urinate on a bed that Obama was going to stay in.

Now that is kind of crazy.
Carter Page could be an agent of Russia.
Given how Trump has 23 accusers, two mistresses, three baby mamas and a whole lot of sexist remarks past and present, one can't help but think that it may be true.

Trump wants to discredit the probe by forcing disloyal officials out. He wants people to make the Russia stories go away.

Also Carter Page. He is under federal watch. The FBI was watching him for years. They believe he is an agent of Russia.

Page was one of the individuals who was under a FISA warrant.

Page denies having talk to Russian operatives.

Here's the full read.

Any thoughts to the controversy?

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