Thursday, February 08, 2018

An Offer That They Couldn't Refuse!

Try me.
Legendary music producer, entertainer and media mogul Quincy Jones made a bombshell claim that the late entertainers Richard Pryor and Marlon Brando got it in.

In a interview with Vulture, the 85 year old entertainer lets loose on the junk food media, his secrets and the date.

His widow confirms that Pryor was taking one for the team.

Pryor was a cocaine cowboy in the 1970s. He would often have sex with many women and men.

Quincy Jones, Pryor's longtime friend had said Brando would fuck anything. He would even fuck a mailbox.

Brando who was in a state of despair. He was considered unbankable and washed up. He would often drink and have binges with women and men.

Jones said that Brando would have cocaine fueled parties where he would invite James Baldwin, Marvin Gaye and Pryor to enjoy a few drinks and a whole lot of sex orgies.

Jennifer Lee Pryor said that he's was open about bisexuality. He didn't care, he just had whatever came along.

Also Jones said that he dated Ivanka Trump. He said that she was a fine woman. He took shots at her dad calling him a megalomaniac and a narracist.

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