Monday, November 07, 2016

Ohio Cop Who Pulled Over John Felton Is Rotten To The Core!

John Felton (right) in 2015. He exposed a dirty tactic that Dayton Police use for unjustified pulls overs.

Last year the city of Dayton, Ohio had to formally apologize to a Detroit area motorist after he was roused by an officer.

The Dayton Police chief Richard Biehl is probably looking forward to loading this guy in the cannon and firing him out of the tent. Randy Betsinger was the guy who caused a great deal of controversy.

He pulled over John Felton in August 2015. Felton who felt that the officer intentionally profiled him whipped out his camera and filmed the pull over.

Betsinger claimed that Felton failed to signal at 100 feet. Felton called the cop out for following him and the officer got hostile and threatened a ticket upon him if he didn't shut up.

"I saw you trailing me the whole time. I did signal! You just needed a reason to pull me over!"

Felton posted the video on social media and it went viral.

What got Betsinger in trouble was the words "direct eye contact" was reason for the pullover.

Well before that encounter, Betsinger was involved in an accident in the same area. He ended up crashing his police cruiser into a mail carrier's van.

Benjamin Jones brought a personal injury lawsuit against Betsinger and the Dayton Police.

The dash camera footage shown by the junk food media shows the officer's cruiser slamming into the back of the U.S. Postal van on May 2015. That would be one of the many mistakes Betsinger created in his years as a police officer. Jones is seeking a five figure sum for pain and suffering.

Betsinger was cited for the accident. Now he may be facing a lawsuit that could fire him out the cannon. The city of Dayton public relations have no comment on the matter.

Here's the videos.

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