Thursday, November 17, 2016

Michigan Cop Iced After He Called Black Protesters "Monkeys!"

Kenneth J. Kleszcz from Livonia, Michigan works for the Canton Township Police. On a livestream he called Black protesters monkeys. His comments may have him looking for another job.

Canton Township Police had to ice an officer after he was caught posting on social media a racist comment towards a BlackLivesMatter protest against the controversial billionaire/racist/sexist/reality television star. He shared his not so kind words towards the protesters. He said something that most White extremists say about Black people protesting injustice.

Kenneth Kleszcz, was iced after his superiors were made aware of the allegations. They launched an internal investigation and concluded that this dick really was the one who said "GO HOME MONKEYS".

Canton Township has an increasingly diverse population, with growing numbers of African Americans and Asian Americans. More than 10% of the township is African American, according to 2010 Census figures.

The suspended officer is a one-year veteran of the department, said Canton Police. He will be suspended pending completion of the investigation. Canton Police did not say if he will continue to get paid during his suspension.

In a statement, Canton Police said: "The Canton Public Safety Department holds its employees to the highest of standards and this type of behavior is not representative of the beliefs or core values of this organization."

A livestream event happened in Baltimore, a majority Black city. This asshole went onto comment about it unaware that people will screenshot the comment, go to his social media page, find out where he works and have his ass fired for it.

Prepare the cannon, we're about to fire this asshole out of it.

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