Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Detroit News Agitator Fired Out The Cannon After N-Tapping A Hot Mic!

Local news agitator is doing damage control after one of their reporters was caught on hot mic saying to a cameraman that she was tired of covering stories of "NIGGERS killing each other". 

WDIV had to fire out the cannon Lauren Podell after it was revealed that six months ago she was making racial comments towards a co-worker. It's got the whole city of Detroit abuzz.

Podell who worked for the NBC affiliate for some time was forced out because she caused a great deal of controversy to the viewers and victims of gun violence. 

WDIV issued a statement condemning the reporter and urges the public to not look at the station as a provocateur of hate. 

Now facing death threats, Podell released a statement saying that she's sorry that she put the station through an ordeal.

"During my time at WDIV I have created many friendships that I will continue to cherish." 

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