Thursday, October 27, 2016

Michael Moore Takes You To Trumpland!

Michael Moore released documentary focusing on the real reasons to why Americans support Trump.

Filmmaker and activist Michael Moore pulled an ace in the hole.

He released a movie over the week called Michael Moore in Trumpland and it's winning praise for its approach. Moore is not shy about bringing controversy to the table. He is famous for taking on the gun lobby, George W. Bush and the American health systems in many of his documentaries and movies.

He's been actively trolling against both Trump and Clinton for being the "blah and yuck" of politics.

He believes that Clinton is the only choice but has his fear that Rust Belt America would reject that for a bombastic agitator who captured the Republican nomination by just being "Joe Smole".

He believes the junk food media has the stirred the beehive. The Trump supporters aren't just wackos.

He believes that Trump's chances at winning are fair. Given the conditions of how everything is "corrupted" by the likes of a 24/7 media, he wouldn't be surprised if the big "fuck you" is a Donald Trump presidency.
Conservatives believe that Michael Moore may help Trump win.
The film's premiere, just 11 days after the film was shot, was on October 18, 2016 at the IFC Center in New York City, where tickets for the 400 seat venue were given out to the public for free. The premiere was followed by a Q&A with Moore.

General showings around the United States started October 19, with the announcement of digital downloads available in the near future. Moore had announced the event on Twitter.

The film is based on a one-person show that Moore originally wanted to perform in Midland Theatre in Newark, Ohio on October 7, but management of the Midland Theatre chose not to go forward on a rental contract.

He eventually held the show at the Murphy Theatre in Wilmington, Ohio, with the movie based on a recording of that performance over two nights in October.

Mind you that Wilmington, Ohio is the hub for ABX air freight. The city was in the news for being one of the hardest hit communities in the Cincinnati/Dayton metroplex. The DHL national hub relocated into Kentucky (via the suburbs of Cincinnati) for a smaller venue. It displaced hundreds of workers.

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