Saturday, September 24, 2016

Charlotte Police: Yeah, He Had A Gun!



Looks like the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police brings their "ace in the hole."  On Saturday, the police department released portions of the video footage of the police shooting of Keith Scott.

Keith was killed by the law on Tuesday. This shooting sparked nights of unrest in which the mayor of the city imposed a curfew and the governor deployed the national guard. The junk food media is covering it from an angle that the protesters see as bias. The conservative agitators and the trolls are already licking their chops for a Donald Trump victory over these latest events.

The police were forced to release the video after the family of Keith Scott released their version to the junk food media.

The police video released shows the officers (who weren't identified) engaging with Keith. The incident shows one of the officers trying to gain access to Keith's vehicle. It captures the moments after Scott goes down, but the shooting itself was not seen.

The videos do not show Keith with a weapon. All I see from the videos is Keith getting out his vehicle walk backwards, hands at his sides. Four shots heard and then he drops.

Chief of the police Kerr Putney said that he was causing a threat to the lives of the officers.

There were two plain clothes officers. They were in an unmarked vehicle waiting to serve a warrant to another person. Keith just happened to park next to them.

Brently Vinson, the officer who shot Keith claimed that he held up a firearm. They withdrew to a spot nearby and put on their vest and then yelled, "POLICE" so they would identify themselves as officers.

Vinson claimed that Keith was ordered to drop the weapon. They call for a police uniform officer to assist them in making an arrest. An officer starts pounding on the front passenger window.

Keith would get out with the gun and back away from the police.

Police also released a more detailed explanation of the incident, claiming that Keith was wearing an ankle holster and had a marijuana blunt, photos of which they provided.

“He absolutely was in possession of a handgun,” Putney said. “There was no definitive visual evidence that he had a gun in his hand and that he pointed it at an officer. That I did not visually see in the video ... When [my officers] see a weapon and they see the marijuana they say ‘uh oh, this is a threat to the public.’”

Rakeyia Scott, the widow released her own cellphone recording of the shooting on Friday, pressure grew for the city to release footage from cameras mounted in police cars and worn by officers.

In Rakeyia’s video, she can be heard telling officers that her husband has a brain injury and that he isn’t carrying a weapon.

Protesters marched through Charlotte Saturday, chanting “no tapes, no peace” and “take our lives we’ll keep our money.” Just as activist groups gathered at Marshall Park for the procession, word came down through the grapevine that Charlotte City Council was bending to pressure releasing the tapes alongside the state Bureau of Investigation.

Of course, these items merit his death, right?

North Carolina is an open carry state.

It reeks of a cover-up!

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