Monday, September 26, 2016

And More To Come: Mass Shooting In Houston!

Okay, we're here! The debates. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will be on stage debating the latest controversy in the world and they'll have the whole country and world watching.

But in Houston, some won't have an opportunity to view it. There's an active shooting event in the fourth largest city in the United States. The law taken down the threat quickly, but the damage is done.

Please note that all mass shootings should be considered terrorism.

Terrorism isn't solely a Muslim, White, Brown, or Black person. Anyone with a motivation could be inspired to cause great harm among others.

Reminder, if you see something, say something.

If you are involved in an active shooter situation, the three things you do.

RUN - Do not stop for possessions. Run in zig-zag to avoid a shooter's sight.

HIDE - Barricade yourself in an area that could lock. Cover windows and doors with objects that can secure you and others. If you can make a call to 911, make sure you're in a secure area. Make the call without tipping off the shooter. Keep calm. Make sure that if you're in a well secured spot, stay there until the law is there. Follow all instructions when an officer is clearing a scene. Do not take pictures or selfies. If you can post on social media (i.e. Facebook's 'I am Safe'), do so.

FIGHT - It's recommended that you do not play "hero" in an active shooter situation. You are not law enforcement. If you are armed, you could be mistaken as a threat if the law is engaging in an active shooting. If you're willing to sacrifice your life for the safety of others, make sure you can grab something that could disable a threat. Usually a shovel, tossing sharp items and firearms.

BE WARNED - If you use a firearm in disarming a threat, you could injure or kill a hostage. The law will charge you with a crime and you would face charges.

The silly hypotheticals about how if you have a firearm to stop a threat is a farce. Law enforcement see a "good guy with a gun" a threat. So don't believe the nonsense a conservative tells you!

Don't be a hero if you're not willing to sacrifice yourself.

Another senseless mass shooting in Houston. Who takes the blame in this?

Barack Obama
Black Lives Matter
Donald Trump
Hillary Clinton
The Junk Food Media
The Shooter
Sage Quotes

At least seven people have been injured in the neighborhood of Weslayan.

An HPD bomb squad is heading to the scene after a suspicious vehicle was found near the scene.

The terrorist has been described as Black and carrying a revolver.

In open carry Texas, there's an active shooter. Maybe there's large police presence in the area.

HPD says one of its officers was able to shoot the suspect. We are not aware of the suspected shooter's condition.

At around 6:30 this morning, HFD scanners reported a suspect was at a strip center firing upon vehicles.

Emergency vehicles flooded the area around the Randalls supermarket strip center bordered by Weslayan, Bissonnet and Law Street.

Traffic was shut down on Weslayan after the shooting began in an attempt to protect drivers in the area.

Officers concentrated much of their focus on an apartment complex on nearby Law Street, located behind the strip center.

HFD officials reported on radio the terrorist was seen behind some trees as he opened fire on vehicles in the area.

The victims may have been killed. A mass shooting has to involve more than three people shot.

Here's the one thing that gets me upset.

They assume that the person's political ties are the reason for the violence.

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