Friday, August 05, 2016

What Happened To Paul O'Neal?

Unarmed Black man shot and killed by the law after a police chase. Chicago Police are bracing for a backlash after body camera footage was released showing the officers fired on Paul O'Neal without an ounce of remorse.

Another police shooting in America. It was an unarmed Black teen. The junk food media will soon flood us with stories about it.

The nation's third largest city is facing an onslaught of criticism over the violence in the Black community by the concern trolls of the conservative agitating media.

The city of Chicago comes into the news again. This time for another tragic police shooting and this one happens to make the news. The death of a teen who fled in a stolen car will assure someone to point out that the shooting was "justified". The theft of property doesn't merit death.

The Chicago Police are under federal watch. They are trying to fix the mess.

They are trying to repair the image that was left by old school lawmen. Some of the old school lawmen had racial angst towards Black and Hispanic criminals.
The aftermath of a deadly police shooting.
The new police commissioner Eddie Johnson is working to repair relations with Chicago residents.

He's got his work cut out for him. They are exhaustingly battling domestic terrorists (gangs).

The death of Paul O'Neal is now trending online. He fled a police stop and they gave chase.

Let us remind you! Fleeing a police officer shouldn't result in a death.

Chicago is bracing for a spark of police violence and unrest. The shooting is graphic. The officers who responded wore body cameras and the video was released. The names of the officers weren't released to the junk food media yet.

What was heard in the video was some derogatory comments about Paul. Now those comments came back to haunt those who fired upon Paul. Now they are in the freezer and will likely be stripped of their duties for this.

Paul was a recent high school graduate who was in a stolen Jaguar. Paul struck two Chicago Police units and two officers fired at him while he was in the car. Paul would flee the car and hopped over a fence near a home. The body cameras show an officer chasing him. Then there was a shooting.

Some the videos are online and they are pretty damn troubling.


More videos can be seen on Heavy.

Now I am going to be honest with you on this situation. It troubles me.

Soon the conservatives will blame President Barack Obama for this. They will blame #BlackLivesMatter, Al Sharpton and others for the outcome.

Conservatives will say the police officers deserve the "benefit of the doubt" when they shoot their service weapons.

But if the victim is Black and he committed a crime, the conservatives will say "well he didn't follow police order" or "he probably was on drugs or something".

Me and S. Baldwin will follow this controversy. I am tired of sending my condolences to the families of the victims. What is needed is police reform. What is needed is gun control. What is needed is accountability for officers who use deadly force in situations that didn't warrant it.

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