Sunday, August 28, 2016

Dwyane Wade Got Into Trump's Court!

NBA's Dwyane Wade got thrusted into the political campaign. His cousin was murdered and Donald Trump tweets an offensive response to it.

Donald Trump had to walk back a social media posting that came off as condescending and heartless.

His pathetic attempt at courting the Black vote fell at the feet of Chicago Bulls forward Dwyane Wade.

The basketball star's cousin was a victim of senseless violence. Nykea Aldridge, a mother of four was killed when a gunman fired at everyone including his intended target. She was walking with her child in a stroller when the incident occurred.

Trump used social media to pat himself on the back. His tweet which was captured by social media shows the Republican nominee say that he believes Blacks will support him in huge numbers.

Dwyane Wade had criticized the law for being inept. Many in the Chicago P.D. have this angst against the mayor Rahm Emanuel and his new police commissioner Eddie Johnson. Somehow they're doing a "slow down" of services.
Trump tweets condescending message about NBA player's family member being killed.
Since the Laquan McDonald shooting, the Chicago P.D. is under federal watch. The recent shooting of an alleged car thief. The death of Paul O'Neal came into the spotlight. Even with Chicago officers wearing body cameras, it didn't show the moment when they used deadly force against O'Neal.

The rap community isn't spared from the violence. Rhymefest was mugged by a gunman and he tells the junk food media that the Chicago Police aren't willing to do their jobs. They disrespected him.

King Yella was lucky. He was doing a protest video about violence in Chicago. He was shot while filming a music video. Yella was lucky. He said that this nonsense gotta stop.

As Chicago is well on its way to surpass over 500 homicides by gun violence, the Trump campaign will not support gun control. Trump and many concern trolls believe that gun control measures will not solve the problem of gun violence. They seriously believe that the Black community isn't concern about Black on whatever violence.
Victim of an unfortunate death.
Now they've taking up this narrative that violence in the Black community is the fault of President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. After all, many urban centers are ran by Democrats and the feet of terrorism (international or domestic) falls on the feet of the party.

Nearly 3,000 people were shot by firearms in the city of Chicago. The third largest city in the United States has domestic terrorism. Gang violence is equivalent to terrorism.

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