Tuesday, August 02, 2016


The Game and 50 Cent settle the longest hip-hop feud in American history.

The long feud between two of the biggest egos in hip-hop finally came to an end. The Unit's 50 Cent has squashed his feud with Game. The Game was the fifth member of the Unit and in 2005, he was booted out the group after he complained about 50 and Dr. Dre's handling of his debut album The Documentary.

50 said that Game refused to follow their feud with Fat Joe, Nas, Jadakiss, and Ja Rule. Game said that 50 was jealous of him getting the beats from Dre. 50 was pissed that Jimmy Iovine and Dre pushed his album The Massacre (previous St. Valentine's Day Massacre) into March.

Both 50 and Game had traded shots online and in the studio. Game released the infamous 300 Bars song going after 50, Tony Yayo, Lloyd Banks, and Young Buck. He was booted off Aftermath and sent to Geffen Records.

50 Cent and The Unit would move from Aftermath and Shady to Caroline Records. Each act now is working on trying to regain their glory.

Many fans were urging 50 to drop the feud with Game. At the time, 50 said Game isn't going to ever be back in the Unit.

Now spotted at a strip club in Los Angeles, Game worked out his differences with 50 and the two are now on speaking terms. As for being a member of the group, we don't know.

Hopefully Game and 50 don't let their egos ruin this moment in history.

Game was spotted in Dubai with Lloyd Banks. It fueled speculations that the Unit was working on their differences with Game.

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