Sunday, August 14, 2016

Who's Gonna Be Blamed For The Milwaukee Riots?

Unrest in Milwaukee sparked by a deadly shooting of an armed suspect.

There was a fatal police shooting in Milwaukee and it touched off a series of unrest in the city.

There were businesses torched, an officer was injured by a projectile. Three agitators were arrested.

Conservative agitators are ready to blame #BlackLivesMatter, President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton for the aftermath of the riots.

100 protesters at first protested the shooting but the agitators decided to set the north side ablaze.

What we know was the police were chasing after a man who fled in a vehicle after a traffic stop.  The law claims that man was armed. They didn't clarify if the man was pointing at the officers or shot at them. They claim that the man had a lengthy rap sheet.

According to the law, the man was acting suspiciously and it prompted an investigation into the man.

The man was shot in the arm and chest. He died at the scene.

The boiling point started when a group of protesters and agitators clashed.

The Wisconsin justice authority will handle the case. The officer's name wasn't released.  His training was six years on the force with three on the beat. His name will likely make it through social media. He was wearing a body camera. The officer is in the freezer pending the outcome.

The man who was killed wasn't released yet.

Assured conservatives will troll social media to find something they deem incriminating on the deceased. They will try to justify the police shooting.

Republican Governor Scott Walker, President Barack Obama, Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI), Sen. Tammy Baldwin (D-WI), Rep. Gwen Moore (D-WI) were notified about it. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will address the controversy.

Mayor Tom Barrett will issue a mandatory curfew for areas affected by violence.

This is the area where conservative agitator Sheriff David Clarke of Milwaukee County resides. He will not make the situation any better. He could inflame more tension by showing his face on camera calling residents and protesters a bunch of "thugs."

What makes this tragedy horrible, five victims of gun violence and the community believes the law is inept in stopping this.

Tensions are rising and the irrational could strike. Something gotta be done about gun violence. Its time to act on this before another mass shooting.

The police need to be held accountable for using deadly force on unarmed suspects. We can't allow the blue wall of silence to continue.

More developments on this controversy soon.

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