Monday, July 25, 2016

Mass Shootings Continue: Fort Myers Club Shooting!

Fort Myers club was the scene of a mass shooting. One month past the Orlando massacre.

What's trending on social media is the mass shooting in Fort Myers, Florida. The ClubBlu nightclub was the scene of a fatal shooting in which two people were killed and 17 others were injured.

This was allegedly a "teen night" at the club and the terrorist decided to get the burner after a dispute.

As expected, Governor Rick Scott and President Barack Obama were notified of this tragedy. They will express condolences and call for swift justice to those involved in this senseless act of violence.

The Congress will be too busy taking vacations or attending political conventions. They will ignore the gun violence issue. They don't see gun violence as the number one threat in the United States.

The junk food media says this incident wasn't terrorism.

Define terrorism!

I mean there's a man with a high powered firearm who decides to shoot many individuals without any care of their lives. A man who was motivated by some incident that could have been solved by leaving the venue or deescalating it by finding other outlets. That's a terrorist in my book.

Mass shootings aren't defined as terrorism. I say that's bullshit.

Bullshit for the fact that the Orlando, Florida shooting was labeled an act of terrorism. Why?

Cause the suspect is a Muslim.

What about the other mass shootings this year?

Find someone else to blame.

Obviously if the shooter is Black, he's a thug. If the shooter is Hispanic, he's an illegal. If the shooter is a Muslim, he's a terrorist. If the shooter is White, he's a liberal Democrat. All these shooters are Barack Obama's fault.

Assuming that the shooter could be Black, I expect the concern trolls to go through their usual word vomit about how #BlackLivesMatter is ignoring Black on whatever crime.

Assuming that the concern trolls will have their "I told you so" moment when it comes to some protesters complaining about police officers.

Some will use that silly narrative about the "good guy with a gun".

It was not immediately clear what triggered the violence, but Fort Myers police Capt. Jim Mulligan said the shooting was not an act of terrorism. Police detained three people and said the area around Club Blu had been deemed safe, Mulligan said.

The two teens killed were 14-year-old Sean Archilles and 18-year-old Ste'Fan Strawder, police said. Archilles lived about a mile from the nightclub, said his father, Jean Archilles. Archilles said his son loved to play football and basketball.

The Los Angeles Times report that the club is in a strip mall that includes a daycare center and is across the street from a large apartment complex. Officers had the area taped off as crime scene technicians scoured the strip mall parking lot for clues.

State records online show the alcohol license for Club Blu was revoked June 7. The records from the Department of Business and Professional Regulation say the license was revoked because of an incident that occurred a year ago, but there are no additional details available. The same records also show that a complaint was filed in 2014 for “criminal activity” and that the club was given an official notice.

The violence at Club Blu erupted about 12:30 a.m. Monday, Mulligan said. There were two active crime scenes, police said. Several hours later a street in the area remained closed as police investigated.

Why send my condolences to the victims?

No amount of prayers will bring the victims of gun violence back!

The suspects will be charged with capital murder. They are innocent until proven guilty.

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