Sunday, July 17, 2016

Blame Game: Terrorist Attack In Baton Rouge!

President Barack Obama released a statement on the umpteenth mass shooting event.

He will of course condemn the suspects, call upon peace within the Black community and those in law enforcement. He will continue to push for gun control and background checks. And he will call the families of those lost in this tragedy. He will order Attorney General Loretta Lynch and Homeland Security secretary Jeh Johnson to investigate if the attack was motivated by actions of Black extremism (gang violence) or terrorism.

John Bel Edwards, the governor of Louisiana and Baton Rouge mayor Kip Holden have condemned the shooting. They ask for "prayers". Again both lawmakers are supporters of guns.
Airline Highway in eastern Baton Rouge is shutdown.
Of course, this all will be ignored by the junk food media. Fox News of course, will try to spin it to make it seem like the protesters calls for police reform is anti-White and anti-cop.

Tensions are going to be high this week as Donald Trump and Mike Pence take the crown of being the Republican ticket for president. They are already plotting to exploit these tragedies for political gains.

And of course, Republicans, Fox News and the conservative agitators will ignore the real threat to America.

It's not "radical Islam".

It's not Black Lives Matter.

It's not abortion doctors.

It's not the junk food media.

It's not the president.

It's the easy access to firearms in the hands of terrorists, gang members, sex traffickers, poachers, mentally insane people, untrained firearm users, children, people who threaten themselves with suicide, police officers who lack training on how to handle tense situations and of course the NRA.


Once again the junk food media leaves Nice, France. Now it heads to Baton Rouge, Louisiana to cover another senseless tragedy for the sake of riling up people and raking in money for ratings.

ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, and other news agitators are often covering these events. These events will be covered for a week or so and then we're off to another tragedy in the country or the world. These events are often exploited by agitators like Sean "Softball" Hannity and Matt Drudge. They will spook White people into voting.
Another mass shooting in the United States. President Barack Obama will address another shooting.
Those two are prime agitators in the race baiting. Add Sheriff David Clarke, Kevin Jackson, Alex Jones, Colin Flaherty, Bill O'Reilly and that old fart Rush Limbaugh to the list of  "concern trolls" quick to blame others for the actions of the shooter.

No one condones killing those in law enforcement other than the extremists driven with rage over a system they believe isn't fair to Black or Hispanic men.

No one condones killing unarmed Black men other than the agitators who troll social media for a smidgen of unlawful behavior or heresy.

I bet you money, conservatives will lick their chops. They wil blame not only Black men, Muslims and immigrants, but their usual whipping posts are Black Lives Matter, President Barack Obama and Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

The usual conservative word vomit to a mass shooting.
  • All mass shooters were liberal Democrats.
  • If the shooter was a Black male, he is a Thug associated with Black Lives Matter or one of "Obama's sons". The shooter wanted dead cops and White people. He got the notion from Obama and race hustlers like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. 
  • If the shooter was a Muslim, he is a terrorist associated with the Islamic State and the president won't utter the phrase "radical Islam". The president wants to bring terrorists into our country. He is weak on terrorism because he called the Islamic State and al-Qaeda the "JV" team. 
  • If the shooter was Hispanic, he is an illegal immigrant or a Thug. The president will allow more immigrants into the country. He won't build a border wall to stop immigrants and terrorist from coming from the southern border. The president wants amnesty for illegal aliens and he won't listen to his FBI and CIA directors about the immigrants and refugees.
  • If the shooter was White, he is a liberal. After all, Democrats are the reason to why we have mass shootings. The shooter was a registered Democrat. I have all the facts online stating his voting history.
  • If the shooter was a police officer. It was an accident. Cops deserve the benefit of the doubt. Cops have to make split decisions. The suspect had a lengthy criminal history. Obama is not for the cops.
And all the while, conservatives will do nothing to stop the constant mass shootings. Two major mass shootings in a month. Closing in on the July 2012 shooting of Aurora, Colorado. Four years ago, the fatal mass shooting by the terrorist who had mental issues.

There is no such thing as a "good guy with a gun". In a mass shooting, a good guy with a gun could be the first one to be killed. If the good guy tries to take out the threat, the law might mistaken him as the threat. The good guy could end up killing an innocent person. The good guy with a gun could be charged with murder if he kills the threat or an innocent victim.

The good guy with a gun could be a ploy for a sinister plot. 

Louisiana is an open carry state. Anyone in the state and its many parishes are allowed to carry firearms as long as they are licensed to carry within safe travel. If a Black male was carrying a firearm, obviously a white person would call the police and they will investigate.

The mayor called this an ambush. It may have been a rouse to attract attention before the massacre.

A woman saw a man walking with a high powered assault weapon. He was walking on Airline Highway near a B-Quik gas station. The woman told the officer the man was wearing a coat and walking behind a store.

There were two adults and two juveniles were involved in a plot to target police and parish sheriffs in Baton Rouge. These terrorists were involved in the fatal shooting of Baton Rouge police officers.

We don't know the name of the shooter who was taken down. There were two alleged shooters on the loose. The FBI, ATF and U.S. Marshals are now on IMS (intense manhunt search) for any individuals involved in this fatal shooting. This was a coordinated terrorist attack by a group of individuals motivated by the shooting death of Alton Sterling, Philando Castile and the shooting of Dallas police officers.

The names of the victims weren't released but the names of the suspects were. And as usual, here comes the blame game.

Okay, a twelve year old boy, Antonio Thomas, 17, Malik Bridgewater 20, Trashone Coats 23, were the individuals identified in the theft of weapons at a pawn shop. They were arrested last week and it may have been associated with today's tragedy.

They are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. But for conservatives and White extremists, they are guilty as sin and give them the death card.

There is a hostage situation in Baltimore. A Burger King restaurant in the city is being held by a terrorist. The terrorist was wanted on a rape charge. He was being chased by the law and crashed into a pole. He got out and fled. He ended up heading to the restaurant where he is holding people hostage.

Cleveland Police call on Ohio governor and failed presidential candidate John Kasich to temporarily suspend open carry laws. Kasich, the dingleberry said "NO". He will speak at the NAACP Convention in Cincinnati, ignoring the GOP Convention in Cleveland.

More developments on the way.

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