Sunday, June 26, 2016

Protesters Tangles With White Extremists In Sac Town!

Protesters shut down White extremist rally.

The Sacramento Police earned that overtime pay. There was a riot in California's state capital. A group of White extremists were trying to rile up the diverse city with a recruitment forum.

It seems like the protesters managed to "shut it down".

The white extremists were ready for a fight and they brought their pocket knives and started to slice.

About 10 people were injured. Two ended up with a

Around the noon, the baldies dressed in black came to the state grounds to denounce immigration, Blacks, Muslims and liberalism.

This group who I will not acknowledge teamed up with a local baldy group to conduct this rally.

They wanted to Make WHITE America Great Again! The extremists were cheering the Brexit results.

The law witness one of these extremists stab a counter protester in the neck.
Hate on the rise in the U.S.
This asshole who I've mentioned on this blog was there in attendance. He was the guy who was in Kentucky screaming in the ear of a Black woman and then he shoved her.

He's the professional bigot. He uses his internet savvy and charm to recruit extremists to his organization.

The rise of Donald Trump has gotten White extremists inspired. Groups were angling around 1,000.

Now it's probably running about 1,230 active hate groups. The Southern Poverty Law Center has noticed this spike.

Conservative agitators bemoan about President Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, liberalism, illegal immigration and "radical Islam". Their loyal base of sponges are soaking this shit up. They blow the dog whistle with this nonsense about "taking the country back" and Obama giving "free" to......

White extremists are more bold about their views. They don't dog whistle their hatred of Blacks, Hispanics, immigrants, Muslims, Jews and those in the LGBT community.


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