Saturday, March 05, 2016

White Extremist Admits Assaulting Black Woman At Trump Rally!

White extremist shoves Black woman.
I've talked about this White extremist named Matt Heimbach. He's the clean cut professional bigot who uses his savvy insight to recruit young minds into his hate-filled world of extremism.

A couple of days ago, Donald Trump spoke at a rally in Louisville. A #BlackLivesMatter protester was shoved and assaulted by the attendees.

Kayisha Nwanguma a University of Louisville student was shoved by this extremist and his friends from the Neo-Nazi group the Traditionalist Youth Network.

Trump shouted at the protesters, "Get out! Out! Out of our event!" Trump didn't know that the people who shoved the woman but he sure got an earful of concerns from the Republican candidates at CNUTS!

Nwanguma claimed that the attendees yelled racial epithets and sexist insults toward her.

Heimbach was pretty damn proud of what he done. The extremist along with many others including former Klan leaders David Duke and Jared Taylor have came out in favor of a Trump presidency.

Another protester Henry Brousseau was also assaulted by these extremist. He is one of the many protesters willing to file a police report against those who gave him a five-finger knuckle roll.

The Louisville Metro Police are investigating the situation. Criminal charges could be filed if they determined that White extremist and his buddies attacked the protesters.
A man wearing a make America great again hat — thought to be Matthew Heimbach, a leader of the Traditionalist Worker Party — can be seen next to a protestor at the Trump rally in Louisville.
White extremist attacks a Black protester.
The Trump presidential campaign is a threat to Republicans and Democrats. His rhetoric has attracted the White extremists. He turns a blind eye to this. They support his views against Muslims, Blacks, and immigrants.

It's a damn shame that his candidacy isn't bringing people together in the way he wants.

Oh by the way, Kid Rock and Ted Nugent switched from Ted Cruz to endorse Trump for president.

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