Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Why Is It Any Of Your Business?

Okay, the safety net. It's this thing that helps the middle class and lower class. The safety net prevents Americans from rioting and/or looting. The safety net stops people from shoplifting from stores to feed their families.

The safety net prevents a person from robbing you of your luxuries. 

The safety net is only 10% of the federal spending. The way some people put it, 50% of the federal spending goes to food stamps and welfare. Some people believe that the safety net is making people lazy. And this is the stuff I've heard from people who think that it will never happen to them. They get their arousal over a person using an EBT card to pay for name brand items or expensive food.

Let's have a scenario. 

My job went out of business after 20 years of serving the community. I am a struggling father of four and my wife is working at local retailer. We only make less than $24,000 a year. I've have a bachelor's degree at the university and the jobs say I'm too qualified. Most of the positions that are being offered are looking for part-time work at this moment. I can't get the perfect job so I am doing odd jobs for my friends and taking advantage of other uses. 
Ignorant woman berates shopper because he used his constitutional right to have a safety net.
I went to the county's job and family services and applied for food stamps. I never had this happen before. I've always believed that women who have children without fathers were taking advantage of it. I kind of gotten upset at a woman who had bought a steak using food stamps. I always believed that people on food stamps were jobless losers. Now that I'm in this situation, I fear someone will look at me as a moocher.

The state offered me $1,200 a month. I can't feed a family of four on less than $1,200.

If this was you in a scenario, what would you do?

I mean the safety net is food stamps, financial aid, farm subsidies, disaster relief, victim's aid, Medicaid, Medicare and bankruptcy protection. In some point of a person's life, this will be used.

Basically I am pretty certain that the safety net will not go anywhere anytime soon.

I hate to say this, but we're a nation of idiots. Many Americans seriously believe that the poor and the needy are the reasons to why the economy is struggling. They don't understand or they don't care.

The conservative agitators in the junk food media are pushing the narrative that Americans aren't working. This bullshit about 94 millions not working is false. If you take out the stay-at-home parent, the disabled, the incarcerated, the average school age child, the retired, the average rate of birth and the average rate of death, you would likely get the 94 million not working. 

If a family of four isn't working wouldn't be that some are either children, stay at home parent, grandparent, or home care provider. 

The Huffington Post has a story of an angry woman inside a Walmart going ballistic over a person using a food stamp card.

The video above shows American ignorance. The woman in the video gets upset over a man using a food stamp card in Walmart.

Some people may considered this event staged but it's happened in the public before.

"You know, I put in 50-60 hour weeks... trying to provide for my family," the man says, although some of his words are unclear.

"You're not providing for it, I am," the woman snaps back. "The government is."

"You're not," the man says.

"They take it out of my check," the woman says. "Bullshit they don't."

The man suggests she complain to her lawmaker or vote Republican. 

"Oh, trust me, I am not a bleeding heart fucking liberal," the woman answers.

The rest of the clip contains a similar back-and-forth, punctuated with expletives. Both appear to be shopping with children.

"Deal with it, bitch," the man says at one point. 

At another point, the woman claims the man must be a supporter of Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.

"That's exactly what you vote for, they give it to you so that you vote that way," the woman says. "I'm not stupid. I have a degree. I'm pretty damn smart."

This is truly a Donald Trump supporter. A person who believes that Making America Great Again means destroying the safety net.

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