Friday, May 06, 2016

Mass Shooting In Suburban DC! Suspect Caught! Who Gets The Blame?

(Prince George County Police/Twitter)
Another senseless mass shooting in the country and the junk food media covers it.

As expected, another mass shooting will grab the nation's attention. There were shootings at a Maryland mall, a grocery store and a school within a 24 hour period. The terrorist was a part of the federal witness protection unit. That means he's a federal vice officer.

President Barack Obama, Maryland governor Larry Hogan and Washington, DC mayor Muriel Bowser will be notified and express condolences to the families lost in these senseless tragedies.

Eulalio Tordil, a former federal officer cause a few days of terrorism in suburban Washington, DC.

He was placed in the freezer after allegations of spousal and child abuse surfaced. The terrorist struck up a conservation with a woman before he pulled out a semi-automatic firearm. He would shoot her a point blank range and then attack the people who came to the aid of the woman. One of the men who rushed to the aid was killed.
gladys tordil, gladys tordil maryland
The first victim of this tragedy was the terrorist's wife.
There was a shooting a local high school where four people were injured by the violent acts of this terrorist.

The first victim of this mass shooting was his wife Gladys. That piece of paper drove Tordil crazy.

Gladys served him with a restraining order after she called the law on him after he assaulted her.

Montgomery County police believe that he is also behind two additional deadly shootings on Friday in Montgomery County. One man died and two other victims were treated after a shooting at Montgomery Mall in Bethesda, and a woman was killed at a Giant grocery store in Aspen Hill.

In Thursday’s incident, a bystander, another parent who tried to intervene, was also shot, but he is expected to survive, the Prince George’s County Police Department said in a press release. His name was not released.

Thursday’s shooting happened at about 4:30 p.m. at High Point High School in Beltsville, according to police. No students were injured and it was not an active shooter situation, police said.
Eulalio Tordil, Eulalio tordil maryland
The terrorist worked for the feds.
Mind you this terrorist is of Asian American descent and is a federal police officer.

Cue the conservative outrage. Who are they going to blame for this situation? Since it's not a White person, automatically he's a liberal. He comes from the metro Washington, DC area, a strong Democratic area. He is a federal worker. The conservatives complain that the government is huge and the Republicans want to shrink government. He's Asian, so I am assuring that racial arsonist Colin Flaherty will waste no time trying to make the case about Black on whatever violence.

Conservatives will say that "if I was there...." or "the state laws hurt arming citizens in tragedies" excuse.

Here's a poll for you.

The mass shooting in Maryland. The suspect was caught. Who actually takes the blame in this senseless tragedy?

Barack Obama
The Junk Food Media
The Shooter
Do Quizzes

World News Today send our condolences to the families of the victims lost in these senseless tragedies. Unfortunately Congress refuses to pass regulations to curb gun violence. The 114th session of Congress controlled by Republicans is inept. The most unproductive Congress ever in American history is more concerned about winning the presidency and control of the upcoming 115th Congress.

Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders will debate these issues and offer little to no suggestions to curb the rise in American gun violence.

The terrorist was taken in custody without incident. The terrorist will face federal charges and state charges. Federal charges could carry the GAS. State charges could land him in the iron college for LIFE. The terrorist is innocent until proven guilty.

Also noticed that he was taken in without incident. Think of the Black, Muslim or Hispanic mass shooters. They would be gunned down within a bat of an eyelash.

About 46.3 people a day are injured or killed by gun violence and no one but the victims seems to care. I mean how many more people will have to be buried?

Why is it easier to get a firearm but not a voter registration?

Why is it easier to purchase multiple firearms but you can't smoke weed in a public venue?

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