Thursday, May 26, 2016

Republicans Are Now The Party Of Trump!

Donald Trump dumping on Hillary Clinton for struggling to win the nomination.

The Associated Press reports that Donald Trump has secured enough delegates to clinch the Republican nomination. The controversial billionaire started from a pack of 17 candidates to emerge as the only one standing.

The divisiveness of the primary isn't forgotten. He managed to upset a number of Republicans on his quest to the nomination.

Trump has 1236 delegates and he's only one delegate away. Trump starved off a contested convention in Cleveland.

There was a riot in Albuquerque. Protesters broke through a police barricade after Trump arrived to the city. The city was on lockdown after this event. Conservatives of course, blame President Barack Obama and the Democrats for the violence sparked by Trump and the agitators who support him.

Jeb Bush and Ted Cruz who felt took the most brutal hits have vowed to not to support Trump for now. Marco Rubio will embrace the nominee because he fears if Hillary Clinton wins the White House, the Republican Party is doomed regardless.

As Clinton and Bernie Sanders continue to duke it out for the nomination, Trump has the halo over his head. The nomination between the Democrats have split the party. Some call for the ouster of Debbie Wasserman Schultz after accusations of bias came into the forum.

Republicans have spent all their resources to defeat Trump. It failed. Now the Democrats are going to make the same mistakes that Republicans made.

Clinton already facing a firestorm of criticism after the inspector general for the State Department said that her choice of using a personal server is unauthorized.

Trump is going after her for that as well as throwing accusations of cheating from her husband Bill Clinton. Trump is exciting the Republicans by playing in the sleazy shit.

President Barack Obama today had said that world leaders are concerned that Trump's rhetoric could damage the world relations.

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