Thursday, May 19, 2016

My Honest Take On The Uber Experience!

Being a driver for Uber is fun but it comes with a price.

For the last nine weeks, I've started driving for Uber. I wanted to participate in an experience that would give me an opportunity to make money and interact with people. At first, I loved the opportunity to meet interesting people, but now I am starting to find concern with it.

Uber is the people-friendly ride share service which allows "riders" to get picked up by "partners" willing to help them reach their destination. The flat rate, plus miles and time spent inside the vehicle calculates the fare. During a peak time, Uber advocates a surge rating. The surge rating makes "partners" earn a little extra on nights where the demand for riders is high and the need is great.

The riders uses their smartphone to activate the app. The app gives a description of the "partner" his vehicle and the average rating. The "partner" is called upon if the "rider" selects the option to arrange a pickup. The "partner" is then pinged by the app to accept the pickup. The "partner" has an approximate time to pickup the "rider". Once the "partner" arrives at the pickup, the "rider" enters the vehicle and the "partner" activates the fare.

Once the "partner" makes it to the final destination, the "partner" ends the trip. Once the trip is over, the "rider" will have an option to rate the "partner" if they enjoyed the experience or not. The "partner" can also rate the "rider" if the experience didn't live up to expectations as well.

I have covered over 400 trips in the nine weeks of being a partner with Uber. Out of them 400 trips, I can say that some of the experiences aren't as pleasant.

Uber and rival Lyft are beating the taxi companies in rates. Since Uber and Lyft came to Dayton, Ohio, it's quickly pickup steam around the University of Dayton, Sinclair Community College and Wright State University.

When I pickup the "riders", I offer them water, fruit snacks and crackers. I want to make them feel comfortable when they ride with me. I often ask them if they have a preferred route to their final destination.

I've picked up "riders" from the airport, the mall, the bars and restaurants. I've taken them home, to their jobs and their friends homes. I've also pickup riders who weren't the actual pickup.

I've picked up usually people who are intoxicated. I've picked up over 6 or more passengers in a five seated vehicle. I've taken people to other destinations that aren't the final stop. And I've picked up people from their destinations without them activating their app.

I've picked up people who talked inappropriately. Sometimes, I've said a few inappropriate things as well. I will admit this, I did have a "crush" on one of the "riders". All in the way of relating to the "riders".

But now, I am seeing the negatives of being an Uber driver. Only a few weeks ago, I picked up a rider who masturbated inside my vehicle. I picked up a bachelor's party and the groom ripped off my door handle. I picked up a group of women and one vomited inside the vehicle.
Uber is the ridesharing service.
Not to mention the wear and tear of your vehicle. You're driving your vehicle and it's putting a whole lot of miles on your car. The amount of fuel being placed in your car also adds up.

Even when you are on a pickup, you might find a law enforcement bothering you as you are doing your job.

Since Uber doesn't consider you an employee, you're responsible for the taxes. You're a small business and you have to file a 1099 on your IRS tax form. They petition for Uber to have all "partners" as employees instead of contractors.

Each of these experiences might end my time driving for Uber and eventually Lyft. But I am certain that my opportunities to improve will overcome the negative.

Uber's ratings are determined by how the experience was. By average a "partner" has to at least have a rating between 4.8 and 4.9. Only a few can pass the threshold of 4.95 to a perfect 5.

I am concerned that no matter how good I've done, the "riders" will rate me poor. It's almost discouraging. If you fall behind 4.6 in your ratings, you could have your account deactivated.

Many "partners" are starting to find some discouragement in the way Uber handles things.

I've read some of the articles from current and former Uber drivers and I am kind of on the fence of how I might continue driving. I know that nobody is perfect. But I am determined to do all that I can to be the best.

If I can't be the best, then there's no purpose in being an Uber driver.

Anyway, I want to get a rant off in my random musings.

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