Monday, April 11, 2016

The "People's" Choice!

Ted Cruz is now being called the Establishment. The conservative Craigslist is preparing for an all out war against Cruz.

It's no secret that Matt Drudge is a huge Trump supporter. He's so far up Donald Trump's ass. This is clearly a shot at Ted Cruz. The Republican senator from Texas managed to maneuver delegates and it's gotten him a victory in Colorado. He swept all the delegates.

Donald Trump and his supporters are fumed up over this.

Republicans blundered big time. Donald Trump's victories aren't worth shit. He ends up losing a portion of the delegates he's earned. Ted Cruz managed to maneuver Republicans to side with him.

The Colorado Republican Party also made things worse when a person tweeted, "We Did It #NeverTrump". The tweet was deleted quickly, but it too late, the junk food media got wind of it and now the supporters are screaming "voter fraud" and "backroom tactics" to deny Trump the nomination.

Trump's supporters felt betrayed.

The Republican Convention in Cleveland is going to be ugly. I mean really ugly.

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