Saturday, April 09, 2016

No Likes!

Trump is getting hit with unfavorable ratings.

It's no surprise that the country doesn't really feel inspired to vote for any of the five remaining candidates running for president.

But the Associated Press got some bad news for the GOP and Democratic frontrunners.
Donald Trump by far has the most negative views about him overall. The junk food media says he's unfavorable with women, Hispanics, Blacks, and Whites. The White males who are the bulk of Trump's support is down as well. 

Hillary Clinton is coming right behind with negative favorability. She's considered dishonest and untrustworthy among the candidates. 

Ted Cruz is also negative. After all, many Republicans don't like him. He's has no real accomplishments as a senator. His bombastic rhetoric has turned off many Hispanics, Blacks and women.

Out of the negative is the few exceptions. Bernie Sanders and John Kasich. Sanders is the only one for the moment with a favorable ratings. Kasich is borderline. 

Not too many Americans know about Sanders to have an unfavorable opinion of him. Young voters are very confident in him. Older Americans aren't so much. They still resonate with the fear of "socialism" because of talk radio and other agitators.

Kasich has favorable approval in Ohio. But in the rest of the campaign, not much. Republicans are trying to stop Trump and they hope that Kasich could take away delegates from Trump to bring forth a contested convention. Conservatives hate Kasich because he's too cozy with President Barack Obama. 

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