Sunday, March 27, 2016

Western Bern!

Big victory for Bernie Sanders. The junk food media took an iconic picture of the Democratic candidate smiling while a bird landed on his podium.

Last week they were writing his campaign off. Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), the Democratic candidate for president won a swept yesterday.

Sanders pulls off healthy victories in the caucuses and primaries. The states of Washington, Idaho and Hawaii gave Bernie Sanders a healthy victory.

The junk food media barely covered it. Matter of fact, they ignored the fact that turnout was huge for the Democratic candidates.

The momentum that Bernie's getting is showing that the Democrats aren't the only ones with problems.

Hillary Clinton is leading in most national polls. But she could lose to John Kasich, Ted Cruz and GOP frontrunner Donald Trump.

Bernie Sanders performs way better against the three.

Congratulations to Bernie Sanders on his huge victory.

Delegate count so far has Hillary Clinton at 1728 and Bernie Sanders at 1034.

Now the candidates are taking a minor break from campaigning to celebrate Easter. They will be back on the campaign trail soon. Wisconsin is coming up and the candidates will fight for the votes.

Scott Walker, the failed presidential candidate hasn't endorsed a candidate yet. Milwaukee County sheriff and conservative agitator David Clarke, Jr. will be given more unwanted attention as well.

#BlackLivesMatter will be protesting the candidates if they land in Madison, Milwaukee and Green Bay.

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