Friday, March 25, 2016

Trump: Heidi Cruz Ain't Model Potential!

Heidi Cruz isn't off the table. Donald Trump goes after her looks.

The junk food media up in arms over a little spat between Republicans rivals Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. They're fighting over which wife is the hottest!

Donald Trump launched an attack on Heidi Cruz. He retweets a photo from his supporter.

It garnishes the junk food media's attention. It netted a response from Ted Cruz. 

Of course, Cruz fell into the trap. Trump was pissed that perennial loser Mitt Romney took a dump on his ex-wives. He married women who were born in foreign countries.

Romney's SuperPac went after Trump's wife Melania. Romney came out for Cruz for president.

Sorry, Ted, we're a downright mean country! You better get used to it if you're running for President of the United States. You say pretty nasty things about President Barack Obama and got away with it.

It's fair game. Donald Trump doesn't follow the standards. Nor do you! 

Your sexist and downright bigoted attacks on women, people of color, Hillary Clinton, #BlackLivesMatter and the president haven't been answered yet.
cruz tabloid
Tabloid claims Cruz had affairs with numerous women.
I call it irony. If you're such a constitutional conservative, have you forgotten that the freedom of speech is a part of the First Amendment?

Who says that it's not fair for Trump to target your wife and children? 

Where were you when that old fart Rush Limbaugh went on radio to bitch about First Lady Michelle Obama? 

That old fart was complaining about the First Lady telling Argentine girls about the sexist rhetoric from her former friends. Limbaugh believes that Obama should be happy she's getting cat called by men. 

You better hope that the tabloids ain't digging into your personal business. I mean there's allegations from a junk food media rag saying that you've been getting it in. 

The National Enquirer accuses Cruz of having five mistresses. Some of the mistresses could be lobbyists and television personalities. Already the junk food media speculate that Cruz-supporters Amanda Carpenter and Katrina Pierson are the alleged mistresses.

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