Friday, March 18, 2016

The Law Throws Murder Charges On Unrepentant Motorist!

Unrepentant Ohio motorist kills two people. The law says that she's been an issue since her teens. Now she may spend the rest of her life in the iron college if she is found guilty of murder.

There was this woman who stole a Chevy Impala from a local gas station. Her theft of this vehicle is the least of her concerns. Right now, Kyndra Shackelford, 18 is being held on murder charges. The woman was being pursued by the law and she decided to crash into a vehicle driven by Marcus Harper.

He didn't expect the woman speeding down the dark road. She was trying to flee the law and it ended up being a fatal incident.

Marcus was killed on impact. His passenger was injured badly. They haven't released the name of the victim. Shackelford was injured but she didn't lose her life. So after she got stitched up, they gave her a ride to Montgomery County lockup.

Now the junk food media has released all the details to how this fatal incident happened.
Fatal accident in Dayton, Ohio is national news.
The Ohio State Patrol, Montgomery County Sheriff and Huber Heights police are investigating why this woman made the reckless decision to drive in a stolen vehicle. Maybe she was under the influence of alcohol. Obviously she may have purchased alcohol from the gas station. She may have taken the ride of the person after a brief pickup.

The law will interview the person who got the vehicle lifted. Obviously it's evidence to the incident.

The victim will likely be facing an insurance bill out the ass.

They will interview the surveillance tapes. They will interview witnesses who spotted the accident.
Victim identified in deadly Huber Heights pursuit photo
Criminal survives accident. But the criminal ended up killing victims.
Right now, I am guessing her Get Out of Jail Free card is $1 million.

The charges range from high felony, murder (aggravated vehicular homicide), felonious assault (aggravated vehicular assault) grand theft auto, failure to comply to a lawful order, to high misdemeanors such as being a non-license motorist operator.

Aggravated vehicular homicide is MURDER in the first degree. That eliminates all the other charges. Each charge carries 5 to 20 if found guilty of the charges. The murder charge (unintended) is 15 to LIFE in the iron college.

The law says that Shackleford has a laundry list of other incidents where she may face time for. One was aggravated menacing (stalking or threatening with violence), improper use of a firearm (discharging it in the air), domestic violence, resisting arrest and skipping court.

It was told that she would say "Fuck Tha Police" when confronted or called out. She would fake a name to get out of a pair of slap bracelets.

As of now, I believe Shackleford has no ounce of remorse for the victims. She didn't care who she hurt. She knows if the lawyers would tell her story of childhood, she'll be out in 15.

Shackleford is innocent until proven guilty.

World News Today sends our condolences to the family of Marcus Harper.

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