Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Super Tuesday Is Going To Be A Blood Bath!

It's going to be a brokered convention.

Did you know that Donald Trump ran for president in 2000?

He was running for president under the Reform Party.

This is Trump's second time running.

So that means that Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, John Kasich, Rick Perry, Rick Santorum, Jim Gilmore, and Mike Huckabee are perennial candidates. They ran for president and failed the first time.

Only Clinton and Trump are succeeding in winning.

Trump was a member of the Reform Party and tried to secure the nomination. He bounced out the group when he heard David Duke was endorsing the Reform Party's nominee Pat Buchanan

Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio pounced on the Duke endorsement. The New York Times have secret recordings of Trump complaining about politicians and his stances on issues. The Republicans are hoping that the Times will release the tapes to damage Trump. They also have Trump on tape saying he denounced Duke back in 2000.

Paul Ryan, the Speaker of House said that Trump isn't representing the Republican Party. He said that Trump's impact could damage the brand.

Republicans are divided over the possibility of Trump being their nominee.

I hear that Sean Hannity and Ann Coulter ain't kicking it no more. The two bombastic agitators got into a huge social media spat. The annoying conservative agitator was pretty clear in 2013 about immigration. But I guess when the harpy grabbed the soundbites to prove that, Hannity returned to social media to blast her for bringing up that. Coulter basically slammed Hannity for being a hypocrite and opportunist for the Republican elites. Hannity says that Coulter was a huge Chris Christie fan before she turned Donald Trump.

Hannity allowed Trump to bash Megyn Kelly, Chris Wallace and Roger Ailes on television.

Bill O'Reilly had lost custody of his children. In a New York court, he and his ex-wife Maureen McPhilmy had a nasty fallout over his children. The children said that Bill-O was abuse to their mom and he didn't want to spend time with the family. He's too obsessed with trying to defeat President Barack Obama and it's not what the family supports. This has taken O'Reilly off his game.

I hear that Rush Limbaugh, Roger Ailes and Fox executives talked with Marco Rubio about the immigration reform bill. Rubio was hoping to court Limbaugh, Ailes and that right wing network's blessing. Limbaugh dismissed the notion he supports Rubio's immigration reform and blast the people who covered the story.

I hear that kookspiracy nuts Roger Stone and Alex Jones are warning that if Rubio fails, the Republican donors will call upon perennial loser Mitt Romney to join the race. Roger Stone's obsession with Bill Clinton alleged affairs have risen back to the surface. Stone is a Trump supporter and was urging him to use this as a play to stop the accusations of Trump being a sexist.
Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, John Kasich, Ben Carson, Donald Trump fight for delegates in these states and the U.S. territory of American Samoa. Trump is leading in almost all the states. Texas and Arkansas are competitive between Cruz and Trump. Rubio has to win a state to contiue. Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders also have to win states to stay in.
I hear that Republican senators are refusing to support a Trump nomination. Sen. Ben Sasse (R-NE) is refusing to support any of the candidates. He said that if Trump wins the nomination, he will leave the party. He doesn't want the party to be associated with White extremists such as David Duke.

NASCAR has endorsed Trump for president.

Trump booted out Black audience members and the Secret Service slammed a photographer on the ground. The junk food media also report that this happened before the Hannity taping.

Rubio is flopping. His attacks on Trump have backfired. Many conservatives have stated that Rubio's off message and this deliberate approach to win is pathetic.

The House's insurgent lawmakers are bucking the party and are endorsing Trump for president. Rep. Scott DesJarlais (R-TN) and Rep. Tom Marino (R-PA) also backed Trump on Monday, becoming the third and fourth GOP House members to do so. The others are Reps. Duncan Hunter (R-CA) and Chris Collins (R-NY). They join former Alaskan governor Sarah Palin, Sen. Jeff Session (R-AL), Maine's Paul LePage and New Jersey's Chris Christie as Trump's biggest endorsements.

Today is primary day. Super Tuesday 2016. The participating states include Alabama, Arkansas, Colorado (with caucuses), Georgia, Massachusetts, Minnesota (with caucuses), Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont, and Virginia. Additionally, Republican caucuses are being held in Alaska and Wyoming. One participating territory is American Samoa.

It's likely Trump and Cruz will win. Cruz will not take a majority of the delegates in Texas. He doesn't have 50% of the vote in the state. He's struggling to make it over 40%.

If Trump carries a huge majority of states and awarded a majority delegates, he will become the presumptive nominee.

By the way, all the Hillary Clinton emails are out! The Democratic candidate's emails became a controversy because she used a private server instead of a government server. Conservatives say that she should be indicted for this. It's highly unlikely.

We'll keep you posted on the results! GET YOUR ASSES OUT THERE AND VOTE!

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