Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Rob Ford Passed Away!

The controversial Rob Ford, former mayor of Toronto passed away.

Toronto's colorful and yet trouble politico passed away last night. Rob Ford, the former mayor of Canada's largest city was facing a whole lot of issues. Two issues that seemed to haunt him was his admitted affairs on his wife. But what really got him was his addiction to cocaine and heroin.

He was busted for drinking and driving. He was always under the influence of something when he doing his presser. His misfortunes became the talk of Canada and the world.

Ford admitted that he's not perfect. He kindly reminded his citizens that he's going to get hammered after ending his presser.

Ford had been diagnosed with pleomorphic liposarcoma, a rare form of soft-tissue cancer, in September of 2014, amid a heated re-election battle. The illness forced him to withdraw his candidacy for a second term to focus on cancer treatments.
Rob Ford opening up one of Donald Trump's luxury hotels.
He was elected to the Toronto City Council in 2014 in spite of his tumultuous past history with inappropriate behavior that included alleged sexual harassment and drug abuse. He was always a good source of entertainment and will forever be remembered for the following quote:

I’m a sick motherfucker, dude.

Rob passed away at the age of 46. He was married to his longtime wife, Renata Brejniak and had two children.

Ford was a bombastic and larger-than-life personality who spoke bluntly, traits that helped him craft an image as a champion of the working class.

When running for mayor, he campaigned as an anti-politician who would cut the size of government and stand up to what he called "big-city elites."

"Toronto's government has grown bloated and wasteful," he said in a campaign video. "It's time to stop the gravy train that provides luxuries and perks to politicians and rich contracts to their friends."

Before his death, Ford mentioned his sins had finally caught up to him. He had no regrets about his troubles. He was a real class act to the people of Toronto.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau ordered Canadian flags lowered in his honor.

World News Today send our condolences to the family of Rob Ford.

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