Saturday, March 05, 2016


Cruz continues to win with Maine and Kansas. But still trailing in delegates. Trump wins Louisiana and Kentucky.

While many of the agitators in the junk food media mocked the Texas senator for of all things eating a booger, Rafael Edward Cruz (known as Ted Cruz) stuck it to them.

Republican Ted Cruz will continue to push conservatives to support him. He comes off a set of victories in two states that Donald Trump led in. Maine and Kansas goes to Cruz.

Trump managed to win the night though. He won Kentucky and Louisiana. These two states had the most delegates so far.

Donald Trump decided to skip the CNUTS convention. The straw poll has Ted Cruz winning with Marco Rubio and Donald Trump trailing from behind.
Bernie Sanders isn't going anywhere.
Cruz's surprising victories has Republicans cautiously optimistic that Trump could be stopped.

But it's still a large lead for the controversial media mogul. I mean it's going to be a brokered convention.

Perennial loser Mitt Romney managed to slow Trump's momentum in Kansas. Trump was leading favorably in these states. Trump's lost to Maine was a shock. Maine's Republicans are normally libertarian. They would have supported Rand Paul if he would have stayed in. But since there's no real candidate in the race, they chose Cruz over Trump in a 3:1 margin. Paul LePage, the Republican governor bucked John Kasich by supporting Trump over him.

Cruz and Trump are planning on teaming up to finally rid themselves of rival Marco Rubio.

Rubio didn't carry any states but so far got the most endorsements. He is considering staying in the race even past Florida.

Florida is the last stand for Rubio. He has to pull out a victory in order to stay in the race.

Kasich has to win Ohio to stay in the race. One poll shows that Kasich is barely leading in Michigan against Trump.
Long way to go. The opposition is trying to end Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton's momentum.
Many in the Republican establishment are going full nuclear on Trump. Cruz may be the only candidate in the establishment left to defeat the insurgent.

Democrat Bernie Sanders defeats Hillary Clinton in the Nebraska and Kansas primaries.

Clinton managed to take Louisiana in a landslide. Clinton by far leads in the delegates.

Also her email scandal continues. The FBI given immunity to one of her former staffers who handled the server. The FBI still hasn't determined if Clinton caused a criminal act. It's still an open investigation.

The Democrats will have another damn debate on Sunday. The two will debate in Flint, Michigan.

The water crisis was barely mentioned in the Republican debate in Detroit. It's likely that Clinton and Sanders will mention the water crisis in the city.

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