Monday, March 07, 2016

Drudge Mocking Little Marco!

The conservatives turn on their prodigal son.

The Trump Campaign has called for Marco Rubio and John Kasich to exit the race. The Michigan primaries are coming Tuesday. Rubio and Kasich are vowing to stay in the race. Kasich said that if he fails at winning his state of Ohio, he's bouncing. Rubio is determined to stay in this race despite his chances being less than 30% of being the nominee. Many speculators in the junk food media say that if he fails at winning his home state of Florida, he's done.

Donald Trump has called the senator "LITTLE MARCO" and it stuck to him like glue. The senator who is the establishment's choice for the nomination is facing a brutal beat down by Trump and Ted Cruz, his fellow senator from Texas.

Rubio has saw his stock tumble after disappointing finishes on Super Tuesday. The senator only won the Minnesota caucus and Puerto Rico primary. Those don't add much to his delegate count.

Cruz has 320 delegates to Trump's 410 delegates. That's pretty much a 90 delegate lead for the controversial billionaire. Rubio has 120 delegates and Kasich has 60 delegates.

The conservative Craiglist mocked the Florida senator for being at measly 5'8" without high heel boots. He claims he stands at 5'10", the average height of men.

The height controversy started when the junk food media spotted Rubio walking in high heel boots.

It lead to a huge mockery of the senator. Even failed presidential candidates mocked him for the apparent fashionable choice. Rand Paul was in Whoopi Goldberg's dressing room showing off shoes and mocking Rubio. Carly Fiorina offered him a pair of her high heel boots.

There's a picture circulating around showing the senator sitting a luxury chair with his feet above the ground.

It's a brutal takedown of the senator. Trolls took the picture and ran with it.

Here's some hilarious Twitter memes from the internet mocking Rubio.

Any thoughts of this situation?

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