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Teens Cleared Of Gang Rape! No Mention By Junk Food Media!

Phillip (l.), one of the five teens wrongly accused in the Brownsville park rape case, covers up while leaving State Supreme Court in Brooklyn. Philip was cleared of all charges.
The damage is done.
RAPE IS RAPE! There's nothing funny about it.

Also making false statements about a rape does make it harder for actual rape victims to report their cases.

This is an example of how many in the junk food media questions the motives of rape victims. They always expect a victim to have "proof" of an actual sexual assault. Doubters always shame the victims of rape.

Also the falsely accused are often ridiculed and shamed by the junk food media. Even if they're cleared of a crime, the public perception still exist.

The falsely accused will have a difficult path ahead when it comes to relationships, jobs and a social life.

Well that's interesting. Back in January, I posted that there was a horrific gang rape in Brownsville, Brooklyn, New York The suspects were five Black teens. It was alleged that these teens gang raped the victim at a playground. The victim reported it to the NYPD and it lead to their arrests.

Well it turns out that the teens were cleared of this criminal act. Now they're trying to clear their names in the junk food media. They fear that the damage is done and they can never have a normal life. They will always be looked as rapists even though they didn't commit the act.

After a thorough investigation, cops and Brooklyn prosecutors announced Wednesday that the accuser recanted her story. There was no gun. She was having sex with her father in the playground. She had sex with an undetermined number of the teens. Sources said it was consensual.

“The complainant, as well as her father, provided multiple inconsistent accounts to NYPD detectives and to experienced special victims prosecutors about important material facts in the case,” Brooklyn District Attorney Ken Thompson said.

I am wondering if Colin Flaherty will do a retraction or The Drudge Report will actually report that the victim made up the whole thing.

If the victim turns out to be a Black woman, will they blame President Barack Obama, Al Sharpton or #BlackLivesMatter?

If it wasn't for Van Jones of CNN, I would have not noticed it. During the coverage of Super Tuesday, Van Jones got into a heated debate with White extremist Jeffrey Lord over Donald Trump's dog whistle to White extremists.

Jones was telling Lord that these teens were wrongly accused of a gang rape and no one made a mention about it. He said that Trump promoted that story and it brought David Duke into the picture.

It's unfortunate that the junk food media continues to stand firm in letting this story stay out of the mainstream. Conservatives already assume guilt before innocence. Even before the name of the suspect is released, they concluded the suspect is a Barack Obama, liberal, #BlackLivesMatter racist.

They are so devoted to making Black on Whatever crime a topic for the election.

One of the accused is now fearing for his safety. People around his neighborhood believe the story and they've stuck to it like glue.

Ethan Philip was one of the five accused of the gang rape. He can't even get a job because of the accusations being hurled at him.

Ethan who plays the piano and aspires to be a professional musician, the damage was done.

“Yesterday I went to the rec center and a girl said, 'There goes the rapist,’” he told New York Daily News.

"People are looking at me like I did something wrong," Ethan said. "They (the police) only put my name out there (not the woman and her father), that's not fair. I don't see how I can overcome this."

Ethan was a star on the basketball team at Brownsville Collegiate Charter School, but after his arrest, his mom and the school agreed that he would stay away from Brownsville Collegiate for an unspecified period of time.
The names of Phillip and fellow suspect Shaquell Cooper (r., in black hood) were quickly distributed.
Ethan Philips and Shaquell Cooper were falsely accused of rape. They were photographed and put in junk food media publications. The New York Post posted their names and school to the public.
Police released the names of the suspects and surveillance video of the teens at a neighborhood grocery store was released to the media.

"This case is similar to the Central Park Five because these kids were convicted in the court of public opinion without a trial," said Ethan's lawyer Amy Rameau.

"The police jumped the gun and everyone followed," Rameau said. "The girl and her father should be prosecuted for having incestuous sexual relations in public, for making false statements, and wasting city resources."

A law enforcement source told The News that the accuser's account changed repeatedly during the course of the investigation.

"It’s impossible to know what really happened," the source said, adding that she initially said all five raped her.

Later she repeated her account without specifically identifying Ethan as one of the suspects who attacked her. He provided a limited account of the playground incident to The News and declined to discuss the actions of the other teens at his lawyer's insistence.

Ethan says that during the time he was being questioned by special victims detectives, they falsely claimed to have a video showing one of the boys holding a gun.

"They kept trying to get me to say there was a gun," he said.

Ethan's mother described his demeanor as depressed and withdrawn "like a light has gone out" in him. The school has agreed to take him back tomorrow, however.

“I had no doubt he was innocent,” she said. "You know your children. He's very child-like and tender and playful. I have a faith that I believe truth prevails."

For his part, Ethan has a theory why the father and daughter fabricated the rape claim.

"I think they did this because they were embarrassed (after getting caught having sex in the park) and tried to blame it on us," he said.

World News Today would like to say to Ethan and those who were falsely accused of a criminal act to rightfully sue those who put you in this situation. We hope that you can regain the trust and respect you've lost upon the junk food media's accusations of criminality.

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