Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Carly Be Cruz'n!

Ted Cruz gains the support of failed presidential candidate Carly Fiorina.

The failed presidential candidate Carly Fiorina decides to endorse the soon to be failed presidential candidate Ted Cruz. This is the Cruz campaign's first big endorsement in a while.

Fiorina the former HP executive who is a perennial candidate had a moment in the sun. She started from the bottom with the undercard debate. Her performance won her praise and for at least four more debates she had an opportunity to be on the big debate stage.

But she crashed. After taking a nosedive in the polls, Fiorina was sent back to the kiddie table.

When the New Hampshire primaries went south for Fiorina, she ended up bowing out!

Cruz, the senator from Texas is mounting a last ditch effort to stop Donald Trump. The Republicans are fearing a civil war could break out if either Trump or Cruz would clinch the nomination.

Cruz is certainly not liked among the U.S. Senate and Republican majority (aka the establishment).

But they rather have him than Trump.
Go along, to get along. When Fiorina is asked about Cruz's accomplishments, I bet you money, she'll dodge it and blame the junk food media for setting her up.
Cruz is mounting territory in Florida and Ohio. He hopes he could end the bids of two candidates struggling to stay in this race.

Ohio governor John Kaisch has vowed to end the race if he fails to win the state. He's struggled for a victory. He was hoping for Michigan victory. But he ended up coming in third place.

Marco Rubio who leads in the endorsements from most Republicans lawmakers has placed his stakes on Florida. His campaign has nearly fail apart after Super Tuesday. He is struggling for a victory.

Cruz and Trump vow to stop him and embarrass him so badly, he won't even think about politics ever again.

This endorsement from Fiorina is unusual given that Republicans can't stand him. Trump has labeled Cruz, "Lying Ted". That managed to stick like glue.

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