Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Democrats Warn McConnell That SCOTUS Delay Will Backfire!

Obama might pick a Republican who might become the U.S. Supreme Court justice. It might destroy the party if they reject their own.

President Barack Obama and the Democratic members of the U.S. Senate say that it will happen and it will happen quickly.

The death of Antonin Scalia has become a political football for the partisans. The president has a constitutional duty to appoint a nominee a person to replace a justice to the Supreme Court.

President Barack Obama has a rare opportunity to get a third pick to the Court. Ronald Reagan was the last president to have an opportunity to nominee three to the Court.

Conservatives are fearing that the pick could sway the court.
Republican governor Brian Sandoval is the front runner in the SOTUS nomination.
The senate's Republicans including Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) are hoping that they can delay or refuse to accept any nominee to the Supreme Court. They vow to have another president pick a justice.

They're willing to shut down the government again. But the pressure is on. The party is facing intense scrutiny over this.

In their last stand, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz have pledge to not support Obama's pick to the Supreme Court regardless of qualifications.

The delay of the Supreme Court nomination could screw up cases.

One in particular is the Supreme Court's hearing on five residents of the U.S. territory of American Samoa. They are fighting the U.S. government over citizenship.

The residents born in American Samoa are not U.S. Citizens. They are U.S. nationals and they can't get federal aid or veteran's assistance. They have to buy a U.S. passport with the status of national on it. They are saying that if they're born on U.S. territory the deserve automatic American citizenship.

Tuaua v. United States is going to be a major court case. If it goes in the favor of Lene Tuaua, then it may advocate U.S. citizenship and could open up presidential voting rights to those living in the U.S. territories.

The junk food media is reporting that the president is vetting Nevada's Republican governor Brian Sandoval. This may cause a rift within the party. For one thing, Sandoval is a Republican, he's a well liked governor and he's a Hispanic. If the Republicans oppose one of their own, then they may end up costing their chances in the presidential election.

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