Thursday, February 04, 2016

DeRay McKesson Runs For Mayor Of Baltimore To Stop Sheila Dixon!

DeRay McKesson decided to run for mayor to stop the potential nomination of former mayor Sheila Dixon.

Civil Rights activist DeRay McKesson formally files for the Democratic primary in the Baltimore mayoral race. The race is fielded with 13 candidates and one of them is scandal plagued.

Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake has declined to run for re-election. Leading candidates include former Mayor Sheila Dixon, state Sen. Catherine E. Pugh, City Councilmen Carl Stokes and Nick J. Mosby, lawyer Elizabeth Embry and businessman David L. Warnock.

Knowing he's a long-shot for the nomination, DeRay wants to make a statement to corruption in the Baltimore police, the rampant homicide rate and potential of Sheila Dixon returning.

Dixon served as Baltimore's mayor before Stephanie Rawlings-Blake took over. Dixon was appointed to mayor after Martin O'Malley became governor of Maryland. Dixon would end up resigning after she was caught up in a bribery scandal. She took kickbacks and tried to hide it from state auditors.

Mckesson, 30, a Baltimore native and former public school administrator here and in Minnesota, is part of a team called Campaign Zero, which seeks to end police killings in America. The group wants to end "broken windows" policing, increase community oversight of police and limit use of force, among other goals.

He has met with top White House officials and presidential candidates in recent months to discuss civil rights. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has called him a "social media emperor."

McKesson who rose to fame as apart of the #BlackLivesMatter movement has attracted much attention during the 2014-15 peak. He was there protesting throughout a list of high-profile incidents involving law enforcement.

McKesson has been rewarded for his actions and scrutinized by them. I started to acknowledge him when he appeared on that annoying conservative agitator's right wing carnival. He appeared alongside some conservative Black extremist Kevin Jackson. The interview between the two was heated. Jackson played dirty by called McKesson a "race pimp".

Since his appearance, McKesson rose in social media stock. Today he has 308,000 followers on his Twitter account and I am guessing some of his detractors are there too.
DeRay runs for mayor.
McKesson ignored the critics and kept pressing forward. His ground work also includes his #CampaignZero project which expands from police reform but protection of those in the LGBT community.

McKesson came out last year as a gay man.

Other candidates include Nick Mosby, the husband of state prosecutor Marilyn Mosby. She rose to fame when she indicted the six cops who were involved in the killing of Freddie Gray. Nick also appeared on that right wing network and told the reporters and Geraldo Rivera that their divisive coverage of the 2015 riots were biased.

The city of Baltimore already have 23 homicides this year.

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