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50 Cent: You Know You're A Sh*thead When You Rally Behind "Weak" Mill!

Meek Mill feud spreads past Drake and Future. He aims at the Unit's 50 Cent.

Meek Mill released a surprise EP in anticipation of his mixtape Dreamchasers 4. The mixtape has unleashed several subliminals aimed at Drake and Future. Seven months after the Great Feud of 2015, Meek Mill decided to go back into the studio and record a handful of tracks aimed at the Canadian entertainer and those associated around him.

Meek also took aim at another entertainer, one who is a media mogul whose recently struggled with his money.

Curtis got a broadside by Meek.

And Curtis decided to go hard on him. The Unit's leader has made it clear he's no fan of Rick Ross. I am guessing that Meek decided to come to defense of the rapper after 50 continued to taunt him on Rozay's legal situations.

And down below is 50 Cent's official social media page. He mocks Meek. He photoshopped Meek's face to a poop emoji.

50 Cent called Meek a "shithead" and said that his career was over. He went to social media saying that Meek better get his girlfriend Nicki Minaj pregnant and ask for child support.

When Meek released the 4 for 4 Mixtape, he released "Gave 'Em Hope" in which some of the lyrics targeted 50 as a rat. He also went through 50's feud with former ally Floyd Mayweather.

Let them niggas have the Grammys, we got the streets
We rich already and my chick the baddest
This Rollie like my trophy, young nigga

When they needed motivation (What you do?)
I gave 'em hope
When my nigga needed money (What you do?)
I gave him dope
Every time we went to war (What we do?)
We gave 'em smoke
Fiends was copping, I was broke
Fuck that shit, we gave 'em soap
They forgot we gave 'em hope

[Verse 1]
I would spend time on that corner trying to stack me a hundred up
Strapped with that Glock with on my hip shit the coppers was running up
I look at these niggas and I can tell they are not one of us
I ride in the back like a nigga that can't ride the front of the bus
They had it segregated, bulletproof Caddy, I escalated
Stepped up in my game like a escalator
When you shine like I shine, you get extra haters
Seen 'em ride with the fake and I hesitated
"Wait, these niggas serious?", or maybe Meek Milly delirious
Judge had to sentence a nigga, no period
I'm putting fear in these niggas, ain't sparing these niggas
I cut out your head with a hair on the trigger
Try to reach for my chain shit I deal with you niggas
I end one of you niggas, had the paramedics screaming, "Clear", on you niggas
Uh, back in the Phil, we gon' get to the money and stack up that dough 'til it way up
'Member them bitches? They played us back in the day like a Sega
Now I got paper, young nigga doing so major
Niggas is hater, look as they faces
Yeah, we still balling, bitch, it's the Chasers

I gave 'em hope
When my nigga needed money (What you do?)
I gave him dope
Every time we went to war (What we do?)
We gave 'em smoke
Fiends was copping, I was broke
Fuck that shit, we gave 'em soap
They forgot we gave 'em hope

[Verse 2]
Uh, look at the money and stack it up
I talk about it, I bag it up
You popping shit on your Instagram
Shit that you're popping ain't adding up
Shit that you're popping ain't making sense
I got fifty reasons say you're taking dick
And it's fifty reasons I should kill, nigga
But, for real, nigga, I been taking trips with my Philly niggas
Got the richest chick, she's from your hood
Niggas hating on me, I ain't really tripping, shit, I'm good
I be in the 40 with the .40 on me like I should
I be deep in your hood where you never be at
Be with them guys that you never could dap
You could never adapt
You know the game, if you cosign a rat, you forever a rat
We were never with that
You tried to go "Money" May with that paper, but now you in debt cause you never was that
Fuck is you high? You know better than that
Mention my name and Berettas with that
I move for real in these streets, in the world with that piece I'm like Metta with that
Fuck what you heard, I'm a get mine out the curb
I'm a just sit back, I'm watching 'em serve
How niggas, they didn't rock the wave and they surf
I'm on my surfboard, this what I worked for
Mention my name, the shit your get murked for
Shit you get robbed for, shit you get killed for
Shit you get carried boxes into church for, oh

I gave 'em hope
When my nigga needed money (What you do?)
I gave him dope
Every time we went to war (What we do?)
We gave 'em smoke
Fiends was copping, I was broke
Fuck that shit, we gave 'em soap
They forgot we gave 'em hope

I see that it was clearly aimed at 50 Cent. Meek who is currently facing a bid in the iron college once again violates his probation by doing something that the judge told him not to do.

U pop shit on social media 24/7 ... U never in the places everybody b at.... The whole queens say you a rat.... Ross baby mom hit you for that check you sick .... Ross finished you "career over? How dare you speak on that? .... All you artist that came under you broke" ya son hate you smfh! Ya swag on below "0" lol hold up..... U always hating on puff and Hov other go getters from ya city...... U going broke and you miserable .... U really miserable bro.... You like 40 on the internet all day 😭😭😭😭 Mayweather ain't got tickets for you nomore .... Ya liquor is piss... U really miserable and don't really have friends ... You scared to play the mixes everybody b at!  U never played with me in person because u know how we rocking lol I'm done wit you ... This my last insta-fingers post for a min lol  Norm Kelly hold up...... Young black dude that came from nothing vs old white racist man from Toronto.... I got more money than you already? You took the real "L" in life champ!  Oh fif all y'all dudes do is talk about Nicki ... This just my real life my fault for snapping on y'all weirdos! Hov gave you a half of bar bro ski... I bet any amount of money queens would trade me for you! "You the one made it cool to b a hater"  I'm out  Sincerely -instafingers  @iamdiddy  @ceoslow stop letting this dork play around ... He already been shot 9 times lol he like a vegetable or something .... @irvgotti187  can you clarify that he told on y'all?  We need answers!
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By posting on social media, he may have violated his term of conditions. But who knows what could happen! He knows he's fucked anyway.

What makes the feud so crazy, 50 Cent wasn't letting Meek off the hook. He went on to post a handful of direct shots at Meek. Matter of fact, there were nine mentions of Meek in a video.

The first one was funny. The second one was hilarious and I'll leave it up to you to view the rest on his official Instagram page.


 Let's hear what 50 Cent's going to bring to the table. Meek fired first shot. Will 50 Cent give Meek "back to back" disses?

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